Texting While Driving

Submitted by: Brenda Williams

Isn’t technology a wonderful thing? Now instead of having to fish around in my pocket for loose change, I can simply whip out my trusty old cell phone and speed dial my favorite friends and family members. Cell phones nowadays also come with a lot of neat features- the most used one perhaps being a little thing called text messaging. Text messaging is convenient in a lot of ways because let’s face it- sometimes we want to send a little message to our friends or family without really getting into it in a phone conversation. The perfect example of this is when you are walking by a store that you know your best friend loves. Instead of calling her up to say I’m walking by that store you like, and it reminded me of you… you can simply text it to her or him.

Text messaging isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be, however. As recently as a few years ago when I was in college, I distinctly remember sitting in class taking a test when out of the corner of my eye, I noticed that another girls kept fidgeting with her phone. I later found out that she was receiving text messages from someone else in which she was getting answers to the test! Today, before you walk into a college class room, professors will explicitly state that there is to be no cell phone use and in some cases, professors will make you turn your cell phone off. In one or two instances, I have known professors to ask repeat cell phone offenders to exit the classroom after the first or second interruption.


When you go to a movie theater, one of the biggest things that they ask of you is to turn off or silence all cell phones and pagers. Face it, no one wants to hear it! Movie theaters are really cracking down on cell phone usage because even when you open your phone up, the light from the screen is distracting to someone else sitting beside or behind you in a dark theater. Think about it!

Perhaps the worst case of text messaging to date, however, is texting while driving. There are no words to really explain to you the seriousness of just how dangerous this is. Not only are you putting yourself in danger, but you are also putting other drivers and pedestrians around you in danger. It is for this very reason that so many states are banning cell phone use while driving all together! If we hear our phone beep or ring while we are driving, naturally, we want to see who is calling us. So, in order to prevent this natural curiosity, it is best to turn the cell phone off. When you are text messaging someone, you are forced to look at your cell phone in order to punch in the appropriate button response. This means that a significant amount of your attention is taken from the road and placed in your lap or hand.

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