The Real Benefits Of Moderate Exercise, Eating Fat Burning Foods And Drinking Distilled Water

Submitted by: Brian Sirman

If you really want a lean and healthy body, you need to do more than just exercise. You need to eat right. You have to consume an adequate diet that includes healthy dietary fats.

Fats are essential as they form a portion of the cell membranes that go throughout the body. If you eat healthy foods, your cellular processes will perform normally. But if you eat bad foods: those that are man made, factory processed, and chemically treated, you could experience your cellular structure breaking down from a lack of proper nutrition. Your cell structure could become impaired and your cells would have to work harder to compensate. When this happens, unfortunately, diseases may occur.

Healthy eating will assist in keeping the body well-balanced. Hormone production then becomes normal. Muscle building happens at a normally acceptable rate and fat burning occurs. The vitamins and minerals our body consumes are absorbed and used for enzyme regulation. We often don’t ingest good foods for a number of reasons. The initial reason is because eating right is can be seen as difficult to do. The store sells foods that are, of course, processed and full of junk. But they taste so good that we are tempted to buy them. The second reason is we were mislead for many years to believe that good fats (those that are natural and unprocessed) have been taken out from foods or were blended in with bad foods. And the third reason is because we’re sometimes feeling lazy so we tend to eat out. The restaurants we go to do not use the proper oils to cook with. Being a business with overheads to consider they often go for the cheapest stuff. If you want to develop a healthy body, you must learn to eat the right foods. This includes being aware of what oils are best for you to use in cooking.


The truth is most of the fad diets and “magic pills” out there actually make it more difficult for you to lose weight and keep it off long term.

If you’ve tried and failed to lose weight and keep it off with either or both of those in the past, you will know exactly what I mean by this. You may lose some weight initially but what happens when you get off the diet or stop taking the pills? The weight comes right back on.

Let’s face it, how realistic is it to live the rest of your life taking diet pills or not eating carbohydrates (or trying to follow some other diet torture routine that isn’t sustainable)? Not very realistic I think!

The truth of the matter is that these kinds of methods of losing weight are not really designed to allow you to succeed in the long term. Trying to follow them for extended periods of time is not only unrealistic but also impractical.

Some other important considerations to take into account regarding Eating Right include Drinking Right. This includes avoiding excess alchohol, cutting down on soda pops and milkshakes, and most importantly drinking more water. 70% of our body is made up of water and it is crucial to our health. A general guideline is 8 glasses minimum per day.

When I say drinking more water I also mean water that is distilled, which means it does’nt contain dangerous chemicals such as fluorine and chlorine. And no, I don’t mean bottled water either, which is one of the biggest rip offs going. You can easily purchase water containers and filters from many different sources including supermarkets and it is well worth the money.

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Great Parties Are Ez With Icebreaker Games And Lively Party Games}

Submitted by: Elizabeth Chastain

The most exciting part about planning a birthday party for kids is usually the games. After all it is the games that help get kids involved in the festivities, and introduces strangers to each other. Choosing some wonderful and imaginative icebreaker games will make sure that your party is truly unforgettable.


A pinata is one of those timeless classics that is also one of the best icebreaker games. This activity makes it possible for all of your guests to be winners no matter who successfully breaks the treat filled container.

You start by selecting a pinata (or making one yourself) that fits the theme of the party. Some people do appreciate the interest that a totally unexpected piata shape can add to the festivities.

Whichever route you decide to go, just make sure that you stuff it with some real treasures. Fill the piata with all sorts of goodies, such as candies, prizes, even money! Hey, collecting and eating lots of sweets can be an icebreaker game, right?

Hang the pinata from a tree limb outside if possible. Then you can give your guests each a turn at trying to swat the swinging treasure chest. Blindfolds and spinning the guests in a circle a few times makes contacting the piata with a stick or bat a little more challenging. This also will get your guests laughing and talking as they watch the fun unfold in front of their eyes. Even the shyest individuals love to participate in this type of party game.


Pin the tail on the donkey is another of the classic icebreaker games for parties that is still popular. Hang a picture of a tailless donkey on the wall, and blindfold each contestant after giving them a “tail” with tape attached.

Spin the individual around a few times, stopping them in the vicinity of the picture and allow them to take a turn trying to pin the tail in the right location on the donkey. The game is won by judging who gets the donkey’s tail closest to the correct spot.

You do not have to settle for this version however, party games were meant to evolve and change. It is easy to create a similar party game where you pin apples on a tree branch, or a wart on the witch’s nose. You can even let your guests take turns trying to attach ears, eyes and saddles to an animal character that you have hung on the wall.


Musical chairs has been topping the list of best party style icebreaker games for many years. Although it may take a few rounds of this game to get the shyest individuals to relax, musical chairs is an activity that will never fail to get your guests into a party mood.


Try some of the other party games and icebreakers like Grapevine where you select teams of 3 or more individuals. Then the goal is for you to tell the first person in the group a short story, song or poem. They in turn must repeat it to the person on their right without any errors. That person will then pass the message along. You wait and let the last person in the group recite the message and the winner is the team that gets the message passed along with either no errors, or the fewest errors.

About the Author: Find more entertaining

Ice Breaker Games For Kids

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Motorcycle Shipping Doesn T Have To Be Difficult

Motorcycle shipping doesn t have to be difficult


Samuel Arthur

Importing or exporting cars and motorcycles can be a tricky process. It is important to find a reliable company to provide a good service. As well as this, during the vehicle shipping process there are a number of steps and checks to ensure an efficient transition from start to finish. Nevertheless, there are plenty of companies available who will be able to assist, providing advice and a trustworthy service. Free quotes can easily be obtained before deciding which shipper to go ahead with.

Prior to you vehicle being transported, it is a good idea to detail important information about it, to assist the shippers (basic specification: manufacturer, model, year and registration, including the appropriate paperwork). Also it is a good idea to clean the vehicle, looking for already existing scratches, dents and damage to paintwork (taking photos is a good idea). It will make it easy to solve any problems, should any have arisen during transport.

Online there are plenty of shipping firms offering their services. Before committing to one of them, it is a good idea to shop around and compare quotes. When motorcycle shipping or


shipping cars

, it is important to pick the right service to meet your individual need and there are two methods of transportation to choose from. Firstly, roll on roll off shipping, which is a fast and reliable method of moving vehicles on transporters. Whilst this may be considered less secure, it is the most economic option. Not all ports worldwide accept these types of shipments though.

Secondly, container shipping. If transporting a car, the vehicle will be enclosed in its own storage unit. Motorcycles are encased in a shared unit providing a cost effective method, only paying for the container space used. During transport the container will remain locked, with no one able to access the vehicle until it reaches its destination.

Both of the above services will vary between the different companies and it is important to find out about their guidelines on customs, insurance and taxes to avoid any unexpected expenses during the shipping process. One thing worth noting is that rates can vary between countries.

Another aspect to consider is how you are going to arrange the collection and delivery at both ends of the shipping. The companies will normally have an option of home delivery or port pickup. Within

motorcycle shipping

the most economic mode can be to use a trailer service.

At the end of the transportation process, it is good practice to perform checks on the car to ensure it is in the same condition before being shipped. Checking the mileage, paintwork, interior and exterior is recommended for noting any disparities.

Ultimately the chosen method of transportation will depend on urgency and budget but motorcycle and car shipping rates will vary across the globe dependant on individual country regulations. Free quotes can be obtained online and there is no obligation to accept an estimation. Companies will also have trained consultants who are available to contact to find out the best rates.

Searching for professional vehicle shipping companies? You can get your vehicle shipped from Auto Shippers across the world at competitive prices. Visit for shipping services which includes

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How To Make Money From Pods Auctions

By Jason Kay

What are PODS? They are a transportable form of storage that you can take with you anywhere you go that is in proper size to fit the back of a truck, stay in the garage of your home or even easy shipping as is a ship container. PODS stands for Portable-on-demand Storage and is a new innovation for those people who want to bring their business along with them at their own pace and not the pace of most shipping details. Understanding this growth in PODS usage is useful knowledge in understanding how to make money from PODS auctions.

A lot of profit can come from marketing PODS in service to many entrepreneurs. They rely on storage areas heavily and cannot help but know that safety, accessibility and flexibility to having the products move around is key essential to their business, with PODS you can easily help their business flourish and with that in tow, you can easily boost yours when PODS become a heavy reliance. Auctioning PODS is messy though, every entrepreneur out there would want to have their hands around one and if you were the manufacturer and auctioneer, you could easily rake in big money holding these out in front of them at arms length without assurance that it is theirs.


How to make money from PODS auction is to start the bid off good, pull the significance of the PODS right out of the manual and see who among them chases after it, bait a bidder with knowledge that their business can be much more efficient and actually travel alongside them if they owned one.

Business men and small time business owners would love to get their hands on your commodity and would gladly sit through an auctioning off of the PODS to try and be lucky enough to get one before your hot product runs dry and this is how to make money from PODS auctions. The key to this to target your buyers with consideration to what they sell and choose your clients well. You need to search for those business men who carry goods needing shipping containers and need speed over quantity when it comes to delivery. Shipping products takes at least a month for the items to reach their distribution areas and some businesses which aren’t so popular need to spread their products fast. It falls more in favor for you if they had bid for multiple PODS containers to ship their large number of items at once in a simple PODS convoy towards the distribution areas.

A smart way on how to make money from PODS auctions is to also invite home movers who wish to avail at least one of your PODS units, any sale is a good sale and to keep that in mind you can cater to the general populous as a helpful moving service aside from being a storage and delivery system already. PODS are the newest thing and to everyone, it beats calling a moving truck when you have a portable moving truck/storage unit that you can even attach to the back of your car or trailer.

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Bokashi Composting: Summary, Benefits, And Down Sides}

Bokashi Composting: Summary, Benefits, and Down Sides



Bokashi composting is a method of involved composting sans oxygen by which organic waste is fermented in an air tight container by means of a bran that is inoculated with effective microbes. Once completely fermented, the organic waste is then typically entombed within a yard in which it breaks down speedily generating nutrient loaded garden soil.

Heritage: Initially developed and practiced in Japan, the method of bokashi fermentation has been practiced for 100s of years. It was made popular by Teacher Teruo Higa who established the right make up of bacteria necessary to most effectively digest food waste.Ingredients: Bokasi bran is commonly comprised of wheat bran, water, molasses and microorganisms.Process: When Bokashi bran is used with food scraps, the microorganisms will develop triggering the food scraps to ferment and break down.Uses: Bokashi composting is used by everyday people and food service businesses. In household functions, food is placed in an airtight container and the bokashi bran is applied. Within a few weeks, the bran and microbes will ferment and break up the food waste. After the food waste is fermented it should be put into a compost pile, buried in trenches, or in a backyard where it will quickly biodegrade.Benefits: Bokashi Gardeners report a range of benefits to making use of bokashi food recycling rather than conventional composting tactics, including:Quickness: Organic material breaks down with bokashi bran for a time frame of a few weeks and is subsequently ready to be placed in trenches or garden soil. Traditional Composting usually takes longer (though it is dependent on the process of food recycling) and takes place over the course of a few months.Odours: Since bokashi composting is anaerobic, the bran application procedure has got to happen within a sealed container. As a result, there is no bad aroma involving bokashi composting.Pesky Rodents: Aged Bokashi food scraps are kept indoors in a sealed container or entombed in the earth and as a result, as opposed to some back garden compost bins, will not normally bring in critters or rats.Greenhouse Gases: No GHGs are made during bokashi food recycling. This is distinct from traditional food recycling through which GHGs are produced. Health of the Soil: The moisture content in dirt that has been combined with bokashi fermented food is normally greater than that of normal compost. Consequently, bokashi food recycling allows for greater preservation of groundwater. The organic nutrients in the earth after bokashi fermentation are also not as water soluble as are the nutrients derived from composting (with oxygen) and as a result are unlikely to fall away as a result of run-off following rains.Disadvantages:Price: You have to purchase bokashi bran or mixture from a supplier such as BokashiCycle.Compostables: Bokashi fermentation is not likely to biodegrade and ferment compostable food packaging.

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compostable cups

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Bokashi Composting: Summary, Benefits, and Down Sides}