Will One Acne Treatment Work For Everyone?

Will one acne treatment work for everyone? The simple answer is no, but you may want to know more. You may want to know why a problem cannot be matched up with a solution that seems to work for others. Unfortunately, there is still much that is unconfirmed about acne and its symptoms.One thing all sufferers certainly do have in common is that we agree that acne sucks. It can affect your self-confidence in the short term, and in many cases, particularly for those who have already had acne for a while, it can cause scarring that lasts a very long time. Anyone who has acne wants to be able to treat it and treat it quickly. To do that, you need to know which treatment to use. So why isnt there one acne treatment that will work for everyone?Acne and Different Skin TypesDifferent people have different skin types. Your skin may be oily, dry or somewhere in between. This means that not everyone will be able to take the same approach to clearing up their acne.Someone with oily skin will need a treatment that will reduce excessive sebum production in the skin, or at the very least reduce the oil build-up on the skin surface. Someone with dry skin, on the other hand, does not want to further dry out their skin by using the same treatment as a person with oily skin would use, like a benzoyl peroxide or salt based treatment.Additionally, people with different skin and body types will get acne on different parts of their body. In some cases, you would not necessarily use the same acne treatment on all of the affected areas on your body. Treating acne on your face, for example, would require a more sensitive treatment than you could use on back acne.With this in mind, your skin type will be a defining factor in the effective treatment of your acne. Based on your skin type, you will be able to either more accurately choose an acne treatment product or make the appropriate lifestyle changes to clear up your skin.In either case, knowing your skin type is essential and for most of you it will be fairly obvious if you are at either end of the skin-type scale. For those with varying skin types or with skin that is somewhere between very oily or very dry can most likely find out from a dermatologist, but for these people the choices of treatment are generally less restrictive.Acne at Different Life StagesNot only is there no single treatment that will fix everyones acne but, depending on the treatments you use, you may not even be able to use the same treatment at various points in your life. In other words, you may not have one acne treatment that will work for you at different ages or stages of your life.For example, you will probably not use the same acne treatment as a teenager that you would use as an adult. Adolescence is a time when most teenagers have problems with acne. The influx of androgens or sex hormones within some bodies leads sebaceous glands to produce more sebum than usual. The hormones stimulate the glands that produce oil, and these glands increase their output.Understandably, this increased output leads to more blocked pores and worsened acne issues. You will need a treatment that is able to handle this excess oil on your skin, in addition to improving your immune system to fight off infection.When you begin to shift out of puberty, this increased production of oil may decrease, or cease altogether. The treatment that once removed the excess oil and helped you to keep your skin clear may now remove too much oil and dry out your skin. This is not the only time when this hormonal shift will happen.You will experience shifts in hormones throughout your life. Women may experience decreases in oestrogen beginning in their thirties which can lead to acne. The shifts that happen as a woman enters menopause may also lead to the same problem, as another example. Basically, any shift in hormones may contribute to acne issues and these hormone shifts can happen as a result of stress or even as a result of the foods you eat.Acne with Different DietsYour diet can contribute to acne at any point of your life. And let me clarify. It is not that junk food directly causes acne it doesnt. BUT, the lack of a healthy ratio of vegetables and alkalising foods in any diet will lead to a human body that is, even slightly, over acidic and an immune system that is less than optimal, consequently leading to increased build-ups of bacteria and a higher susceptibility to infection and illness. Acne, as I have mentioned previously, or rather the main symptom of acne on the skin is resulting infection of a week immune system, excess bacteria, and a susceptibility to infections.Further more, various medications of other conditions, such as anti-inflammatory drugs for lupus, colitis or something similar, can significantly weaken the immune system. For people that already have a susceptibility to infection, and sometimes even for people that dont, these types of medications will dramatically increase both the frequency and severity of acne as a side-effect.It stands, then, to reason that unless everyone eats the same food and use the same medication, or at least very similar diets, people will often need a slightly unique solution to clear up their acne. In most cases, the simplest solution is to change your diet but for some people this is a difficult option so they will need to try varying other acne treatments to counter the effects of their diet, skin and body type.Will one acne treatment work for everyone? No, but you can certainly still find relief if you tailor your treatment to your unique situation. Even then, remember that your situation can change and that, more often than not, you can change your situation yourself.

Acne Tips Curing Your Acne At First Sight

While it might not be an alarming situation at first, it can become a serious disease if not treated properly. It can affect a person mentally as well and can lower the self-confidence of a person.

So it is imperative that an acne treatment is found. The earlier you tackle the acne, the better. Usually acne will become itchy on your skin and you will find yourself scratching it. This is a very big mistake. Scratching will only worsen the skin condition and the bacteria can spread. If your hands are a bit dirty, this can worsen more.

So if you want to cure your acne as fast as possible, avoid scratching it and take actions immediately. Your acne will heal much more faster.

There are numerous methods to get rid of your acne. You can make use of acne lotion, cream, cleanser and all the acne skin care products. Although there are certain risks like skin allergies to these products, they can work for you. You won’t know if you don’t try. Of course, consult a dermatologist first.

You can also have recourse to natural methods which exist. It might take more time but they have great potential to work and they are natural. The thing is you need to be consistent in your acne treatment and follow it for several weeks before seeing promising results. If not, you will get discouraged because your acne won’t cure instantly.

Some people have used aloe vera and their skin problem has been healed. Others have utilized green tea leaves which work wonders. Green tea has the benefit of drying your acne and when the latter dries, it will go away with time. You need to boil green tea leaves in water and take the water after. Let it warm a bit, then apply to your face or other affected parts with a towel. Do this for 15 minutes daily for 2 weeks at least. The more the better. When I was a teenager, I got serious acne problems and blackheads as well and green tea leaves was the ultimate solution. Within 2 weeks, I start to see my acne drying up and it was starting to feel itchy which is a sign that it’s being cured. But I didn’t scratch. I continue using the green tea leaves for another 2 weeks and the acne was practically cured.

Then when my acne was healed, I paid more attention to what I eat because nutrition plays a role in acne. For instance if you eat too many oily and fried foods, you can get acne. The key is to eat healthier foods, drink lots of water, exercise, get enough rest and adequate sunlight and you can say goodbye to acne. Eat foods which are low in fats and oil and consume lots of vegetables too. Choose a boiled chicken breast rather than a fried one for example.

So now that you know how I cured my acne, why not give it a try? It doesn’t cost you much apart your consistency and persistency. Good luck in your acne healing goal.

Who Should See A Dermatologist?

A dermatologist is a specialist focusing his or her practice on the improvement of the skin. These specialists also have extensive experience with the nails and hair. Individuals having problems with any of these structures may first wish to visit their family care provider and discuss the condition. If it is not a simple diagnosis, or if you find that the process is not one that you feel comfortable with, seeking out a specialist is a good idea. These providers will work with you to identify the common problems associated with the condition you are dealing with and may even offer ideal solutions.Acne One of the reasons many seek out a dermatologist is to improve conditions such as acne. Acne that is moderate to severe may require treatment from a specialist especially if it does not go away on its own, remains for a long time or is painful. Individuals who wish to clear up their skin even as teens will benefit from this type of treatment. These doctors can offer solutions including medications and treatment options from a holistic approach. Skin CancerThose who suffer from sunburn on a regular basis or those who have various skin conditions may wish to seek out a specialist to ensure they do not have skin cancer. If you do, these specialists can help. It is critical for high-risk individuals to have screenings on an annual basis. This includes those who are fair-haired, fair-skinned and/or those who have 40 or more moles on their body. If you notice any type of condition in which the skin seems to be unable to heal, report this as well.Other ProblemsThese professionals can offer additional help as well. For those who are dealing with eczema, a condition characterized by patches of itchy, irritated skin, a specialist may offer prescription medications as treatment. Those who suffer from psoriasis may also benefit in this way. If you have conditions relating to your nails or hair, getting help from a specialist can give you answers to why this is occurring. In addition, these professionals often have access to advanced technology that can help to treat scars.If you want to improve the way your skin looks, seek out a dermatologist. Their job is to help you to have clear, healthy looking skin. Some even specialize in methods to help you to have younger looking skin. You may find the latest technologies available including various laser treatments that can shave years off your skin’s life. There is no reason not to visit these professionals if you have questions or concerns about your skin and the way it looks. Make an appointment to find out what options are available for improving the way your skin looks.

Is The Removal Of Scars Caused By Acne Possible!

Submitted by: Shane Nolan

When it comes to the Removal of scars caused from acne, it needs to be solved as two separate issues. One issue would be to focus mainly on removing the scars that you already have. Secondly and more importantly, your solution needs to focus on stopping the cause of your Severe Acne and prevent any future Scarring. You must get control of your skin health before your skin will start improving.

I will not lie to you, treating Severe Acne and Scarring can be quite hard, it can be a long process and can be quite expensive. I know it seems like a lost cause or almost impossible, but it can be done, you do have options you can use so do not give up.

Your Lifestyle and Happiness can suffer greatly from the negative effects of having bad Acne Scarring and it will only get worse. No one else can do it for you, only you can decide if you want to be happier and have good clean skin.

Severe Acne and Scarring can seriously affect an individual and ruin the quality of their lifestyle, the complex of having bad skin and lack of confidence can have a huge impact on the happiness and self esteem of any person. Severe conditions of acne can improve and be eradicated quite easily with the right treatment for you and your condition. Leaving it too long will reduce your chance of success and you will be permanently Scarred.


Mild to Moderate Scarring can be easily treated using most of the Acne Scar Removal options available to you online or over the counter to use in your home. Getting advice and finding the right solution for you and making a serious commitment to improve your skin is vital.

If Severe Acne it is left untreated, you will definitely end up with Acne Scarring. Once your skin’s acne condition has progressed to this stage and you do not treat it, the condition CAN and WILL cause disfiguring scars which can become permanent.

Damage to your skin from Severe Acne must be treated regularly or treated correctly, or the long term damage to the surface of your skin and the underlying layers can be extensive. This can cause Hyper-Pigmentation in your skin resulting in highly visible thick raised scars, pitted skin and deep indentations in your facial skin.

If you have tried to treat your acne without success or you are having trouble controlling your condition, the right approach is necessary to be successful. Every person is different and may need a solution or approach to focus on their individual needs to control their Acne and prevent Acne Scarring.

If you are truly concerned about your acne condition or existing scarring and want to improve your skin, the first thing “You Must Do” is go see a Skin Specialist or a Dermatologist to establish how severe your condition is and get advice and help. No matter what you need to do to improve your skin, you will need to get control of your skin health and follow an Acne Treatment Regime.

Please DO NOT let your Acne condition progress to the point where it becomes a problem and causes Acne Scarring, you will regret it. Having Severe Acne and Scars will lower your self-esteem, cause you stress, affect your enjoyment of life and limit your Social Life. All of this can be reversed by doing something as SIMPLE as treating your Acne and looking after your skin.

You can effectively and easily treat it with the correct solution for your condition and a commitment from you to improve your skin. What is it that you are waiting for, permanent Acne Scarring? No one else can do it for you!

If you are ready to start treating your Severe Acne and find a Scar Removal solution now, you can go to the link below to learn more about some of the options available to you concerning “Acne Scar Removal”!

About the Author: I suffered from Acne for many years and it did not help my confidence and self esteem one little bit, I wish I knew then what I know now. Anyone can get “Good Clean Skin” if they truly want to, no matter how bad You think your Acne Scarring is. So Don’t give up! * For More Help and Advice on how to Treat Acne Scarring you can go to:

“Acne Scar Removal”



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Best And Effective Natural Foods That Is Incredibly Good For Glowing Skin

People do so much to make their skin glowing but sometimes it just seems to be difficult to achieve good skin. There are lots of factors that count towards getting smooth and glowing skin. This includes environmental factors, hereditary, diet, exercise and other such factors. There are easy remedies for glowing skin that can be followed easily. These remedies should be used for the best results that include frequent steaming to remove the dead cells, moisturizing the skin, scrubbing to remove the dead skin cells and toning.These are important methods that should form part of the daily skin care. It is ideal to include them for results. There are other causes that can cause the skin to worsen and lose its shine. This includes environmental pollution, harsh water, and misuse of chemicals, stress and other chemicals. There are so many chemicals in the market that promise the best skin that it becomes difficult to handle the skin. It is essential to take care of the skin as it is vital part of the body. It should be pampered and toned. There are healthy foods for glowing skin and they should be used regularly in the diet for positive results.The use of papaya is healthy for the skin. It should be included as an effective food in the diet. It helps to give glowing and natural skin. It should be included in the diet for effective results. It has anti-oxidant and ant-viral properties. It should be added in the diet to make the skin glow. The skin becomes healthy and all the dullness is gone. It is one of the natural foods for glowing skin.The use of honey and lemon with warm water is recommended for glowing skin. It helps to clear all the clutters from the body. It cleanses the system and removes all the toxins. The body becomes fresh and the skin starts to glow. It should be included daily in the diet in the morning for results. It is one of the unique foods for glowing skin.The use of figs is healthy food. It should be included as the most powerful fruit to give skin a glow. It makes the skin look healthy and removes all the toxins. It clears the system and makes the skin look soft and supple. It should be included in the diet as morning breakfast by adding it to the cereals with honey or with fig milkshake. If people have allergy to dairy products then almond or soy milk can also be used for fig milkshake. It is the perfect option for glowing skin. It is one of the unique foods for glowing skin.


How To Treat Acne In Males And Acne In Females?

Acne is considered to be a problem of the adolescence. It affects teenagers mostly because it is primarily caused by hormonal imbalance, which occurs during the growing up years. However, this does not mean that the grown ups are immune to the problem. Men and women of all ages are susceptible to the problem. The basic fact is that it can catch up with amazing swiftness to even those who reach the age of 40, or more.

Acne In Men

Among men, there are a number of factors that can cause acne. Excessive secretion of oil and clogged pores are the basic cause of acne. Those who have oily skin are prone to the problem. So, if you have oily skin and your job demands you to stay in dusty environment, the likelihood of your developing acne problem is heightened manifold irrespective of age.


A substandard shaving cream may also cause acne. The same goes for after shave lotions. So, you need to take care of a few things. Use a fresh, good quality blade every time you shave, and use a good shaving cream.

Another cause of acne is stress. The hectic lives we lead today bring stress as a byproduct. This could be a reason for your acne. This does not mean that stress necessarily causes acne. Whether or not the stress would cause acne depends upon whether or not your skin is prone to acne. You have to be extra careful if you have been a teenager with the extended period of acne problem or you suffered from severe acne during your growing up years.

Acne In Women

So far as women are concerned, they are prone to acne at all those stages where they undergo hormonal changes. Acne, therefore, is likely to breakout during pregnancy and around the time of menopause because during these stages hormonal levels fluctuate.

Therefore, it is prudent that the women who are prone to acne prepare themselves beforehand by arming themselves with information and medical advice before the pregnancy and menopause.

Acne, therefore, is not simply a teenagers problem. It might affect the elders too. Thus, it is important that you are prepared and not taken by surprise when acne breaks out.

Zantac Bad Breath A Simple Cure For Bad Breath Using Zantac

By Walt Brown

There are many causes of bad breath in a person. It is important for any person who suffers, or causes others to suffer, with bad breath to find the specific cause of their bad breath. This common social disease can be devastating to personal relationships at work and home. The only way to find a good, effective treatment for bad breath is to find the specific cause. Some people who suffer with specific digestive disorders will find that Zantac is a cure for bad breath. This is one of those unintended consequences.

Halitosis is often used as meaning foul odor from the mouth. This is not correct and is a common misconception. The correct term for odors emanating from the oral cavity (your mouth) is Fetor Oris where Fetor is defined as a strong offensive, foul breath odor smell and Oris is ‘from the mouth’. Fetor Oris is a common malady for all ages.

Peptic Ulcer And Bad Breath


Bacteria in the body that is causing other problems as well cause many times bad breath. Certain bacteria have distinct odors and this will present itself as bad breath or other odor disorders in the human body. It has been found that peptic ulcers are often caused by a bacterium and the chronic infection makes a person have reflux and sometimes frequent vomiting that will contribute to the bad breath. By taking medication for the peptic ulcer, an H2 blocker such as Zantac may cure bad breath also.

The Effect Of Zantac To Cure Bad Breath

A person with a peptic ulcer not only has a bacterial infection that may be causing odor but has a problem with heartburn and reflux that will lead to bad breath as well. Zantac works in the stomach to decrease the indigestion associated with the ulcer. This will prevent heartburn, reflux, and any other odors with the ulcer. Taking Zantac to cure bad breath can be an effective method of treatment. The doctor may also treat the ulcer with an antibiotic to rid the body of the offending bacteria. The combination of treatments will make successful cure more possible.

Talk To A Doctor

Any one with a chronic problem of bad breath will want to see their personal physician and discuss the problem. If a person also has frequent indigestion or heart burn they should be sure to inform the doctor of this. The doctor can have tests performed that can help determine the specific cause of the bad breath and can prescribe treatment. If a digestive disorder is the basic cause Zantac can help to cure the bad breath problem.

Zantac is available over the counter but there are also prescription strengths available.

The doctor can best determine which strength and method of taking the drug will suit the patient. If a person can not get in to see the doctor quickly they may want to start taking the over the counter Zantac while waiting for their appointment but they should be sure to let the doctor know of this medication and any other medications they are taking.

About the Author: To Your Fresh Breath Success! Walt Brown P.S. Please forward this article to someone who may benefit from it. Thanks. Walt Brown is a veteran writer who has worked with dentists to solve bad breath problems. For more information check out Walt’s website

for a wealth of information on many tried and true solutions to bad breath problems.



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