Living with HIV during COVID-19: Wikinews talks to HIV-positive sex workers about how pandemic has affected their lives

Sunday, October 18, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected the lives of most people in this world. While some could rely on technology for continuing their work and earn their livelihood, others could not. Wikinews reached out to sex workers in Mysore, India who, unlike others, cannot maintain social distancing for their work. Two of these sex workers, Akram Pasha, and Jaya (a pseudonym), agreed to be interviewed by Wikinews in June 2020. They were both part of a sex worker’s group called “Ashodaya Samithi” and discussed how their lives had been affected by the coronavirus, the lockdown and the restrictions they faced.

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“Dr Dino” gets 10 years in prison after failure to pay taxes

Friday, January 19, 2007

In November 2006 Pensacola, Florida evangelist Kent Hovind and his wife, Jo, were found guilty on 58 federal counts of “willful failure” to payroll taxes, structuring bank withdrawals, and obstructing federal agents. On January 19, 2007 Hovind was given ten years in federal prison, ordered to pay $640,000 in owed funds to the Internal Revenue Service, pay prosecution’s court costs of $7,078, and serve three years parole once released. Originally in November, Hovind was ordered to forfeit $430,400 and faced a maximum of 288 years in prison.

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Mukasey nomination as attorney general moves to US Senate

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

The nomination of Judge Michael Mukasey as the next Attorney General of the United States, passed the Senate Judiciary Committee today and will move to a vote before the entire United States Senate. Two Democrats joined the nine Republicans to yield an 11-8 vote. Observers believe that Mukasey will easily succeed in the Senate vote.

The nomination of Mukasey by George W. Bush had originally drawn broad support. Nonetheless, Mukasey triggered a political row, during pre-confirmation questioning, when he refused to state that waterboarding amounted to illegal torture. In the end, he was able secure the votes of the two Democrats after assuring them that, if Congress passed legislation that made waterboarding illegal, he would in fact work to enforce such a law.

Patrick Leahy, Senator from Vermont, who opposed Mukasey said: “Some have sought to find comfort in Judge Mukasey’s personal assurance that he would enforce a future, a new law against waterboarding if this Congress were to pass one. Unsaid, of course, is the fact that any such prohibition would have to be enacted over the veto of the president.”

I don’t believe a leaderless department is in the best interests of the American people

“Now, I wish I could support Judge Mukasey’s nomination,” Senator Leahy further said. “I like Michael Mukasey. We have many things in common in our past careers. I certainly don’t question his intellectual ability or his independence.”

The two Democrats that voted for Mukasey were Senator Chuck Schumer of New York and Senator Dianne Feinstein of California. Schumer has been reported as suggesting Mukasey as Attorney General to White House during the search for a nominee.

Schumer defended his vote, saying: “If six months from now … the same policies continued, the victory in defeating Mukasey would seem hollow. No one questions that Judge Mukasey would do much to remove the stench of politics from the Justice Department. I believe we should give him that chance.”

Feinstein said that her vote for Mukasey was because, otherwise, Bush could have an acting Attorney General, who would not need confirmation, until the end of his term. In explaing this, she said: “I don’t believe a leaderless department is in the best interests of the American people or of the department itself. [Bush] appointed this man because he believes he is mainstream.”

Senator Ted Kennedy of Massachusetts did not agree with Mukasey’s view on waterboarding. “Waterboarding is already illegal under United States law. It’s illegal under the Geneva Conventions, which prohibit outrages upon personal dignity, including cruel, humiliating and degrading treatment,” he said.

White House Press Secretary Dana Perino said of the committee vote: “Judge Mukasey has clearly demonstrated that he will be an exceptional attorney general at this critical time.”

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Free Browser Based Mmorp Gs Need You!

Submitted by: Kevin Sherman.

When most people, especially gamers, entertain the thought of working for Free Browser Based MMORPGs or any other video game, the said thought is usually quickly dismissed with a chuckle. Trust me when I tell you that this can be not only a reality but in fact a lucrative one!

First off by letting me tell you that making Free Browser Based MMORPGs or any game is A LOT of work. This may sound like a bad thing, but it’s not. Not only does this mean that such a project requires a lot of time and work, it also can provide one hell of an opportunity Many companies that make Free Browser Based MMORPGs are not super large corporations like the relatively monolithic ones that release todays more popular (though not necessarily better) desktop and console video games. This means you have the chance (provided the owners don’t suck) to work your way up the ol’ “corporate ladder” much more quickly. This of course means more money, which no, is not the source of all happiness, but sure can help hehe.

YouTube Preview Image

Now you may be thinking to yourself: “I have absolutely no skills in this field”, well thats ok, if you have a passion for creativity and love Free Browser Based MMORPGs you will be ok. All you need to do is be willing to learn, and besides most companies hire staff in at some sort of admin or moderator level which more times than not has a user interface made by the developers to make deleting inappropriate chat, or answering customer service request easy for even the technical unsavvy. Now I know that being a game moderator may not sound exactly like the most hands on way to assist in the Free Browser Based MMORPGs development but it’s a start and hey; what better way to learn the ins and outs of a game than being forced to answer players questions hehe.

For those of you who already have web design or programming skills… well if you don’t already have a job that your happy with, well… what are you waiting for?! A lot of Free Browser Based MMORPGs out there have the right idea but lack someone with the right skills whether they be illustrated art, music, or computer related, art is art, and both are skills are in demand. Search Google for a few Free Browser Based MMORPGs and check them out. If you find one that you think you could offer your assistance to, either find their contact information if they have any or sign up for an account and contact the staff via some sort of support ticket system or chat or whatever.

If you ever had the dream of working for a video game company, you may find that opportunity lies just around the proverbial corner. Free Browser Based MMORPGs offer a unique environment for creative, passionate people to express themselves in a fantastic way; making video games! Some companies will let telecommute, so you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your home! Beware of scammers of course, it’s always best to work with local companies if possible. So contact some game owners, they wont bite, and see what happens!

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Massachusetts lawmakers enact plan for universal health coverage

Friday, April 7, 2006Legislators in the Massachusetts General Court, their name for the state legislature, approved legislation on Tuesday, April 4, that would make it the first state in the United States to require all residents to have health insurance and impose penalties for non-compliance. Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, a Republican who is expected to run for U.S. President in 2008, is expected to sign the bill.

The bill passed the lower house, the Massachusetts House of Representatives by a vote of 155-2, and unanimously by the state senate. The Democratic Party holds supermajorities in both houses of the legislature.

Among the bill’s provisions are these:

  1. Businesses that employ more than 10 people are required to provide health insurance for all staff or face fines of $295 per year per uninsured worker.
  2. Individuals will be required to enroll in a health plan by July 1, 2007, or face tax penalties.
  3. Health insurers will provide partially to fully subsidized coverage for low-income residents.

At least one other state (Hawaii) requires employers to provide employee health insurance, but no other state holds individuals accountable for coverage.

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Dead children found in car in Sussex, UK

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The bodies of two children were found this morning in a car in Heathfield, East Sussex, in the United Kingdom. A 43-year-old woman has been arrested on suspicion of the murders.

The boy and girl were both less than five years old, and were discovered at 11:46 this morning (GMT) when Sussex police officers forced their way into the vehicle, which was parked on Mill Close in Heathfield. The woman, who has yet to be identified, had visited Heathfield police station earlier this morning to report “an incident”, and was later arrested on suspicion of murder. The police say that they have identified the bodies. The identities will be revealed when the post mortem examinations take place, which is scheduled for next Thursday.

I would like to reassure people that it is fully contained and there is no threat to anyone in the area

The woman was taken to Eastbourne District General Hospital, and has not yet been interviewed by the police. She is believed to be from Surrey but have connections with the Heathfield area. Mill Close, the road on which the incident occurred, has been closed, according to a police spokeswoman, who said, “An investigation is now under way and the area around the scene is cordoned off.” Chief Inspector Julia Pope, Wealden district policing commander, said, “This is a very tragic incident, but I would like to reassure people that it is fully contained and there is no threat to anyone in the area. We will move to restore normality and access to Mill Close as quickly as possible.” A spokesman for the South East Coast Ambulance Service said, “We sent an ambulance and two response cars but sadly two young children were pronounced dead at the scene.”

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Lyon Introducing You To Beautiful Landscape, Gastronomy And Heritage

Lyon Introducing You to Beautiful Landscape, Gastronomy and Heritage


Lauren Desouza

Located in beautiful landscape between two hills, Croix-Rousse and Fourvi re and two graceful rivers, the Rhone and the Saone, Lyon surprises tourists with a wealth of fabulous architecture and historical buildings. Famous for its excellent and varied restaurants, Gothic and Renaissance buildings in the Old City and a range of budget and luxury hotels in Lyon, holidaymakers will certainly have a great time in this fascinating French city.

Students and visitors visiting this French city are provided with a wide range of hotels in Lyon suiting all tastes and budgets. Gateway to the Rhone Valley, Lyon gives travellers an opportunity to discover the stunning Rhone Alpes and the verdant vineyards of C tes du Rh ne and also the sandy beaches of Provence. In addition to the stunning landscape, while staying in a hotel in Lyon, you can also enjoy exploring its thriving arts scene. Lyon is a UNESCO World Heritage site and therefore has a lot to offer to the history buffs as well as culturally inclined travellers.

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The must visit districts in Lyon are the historic site, the Renaissance district, the silk district and the Presquile. In addition to these districts, you can experience complete tranquillity and peace in the various picturesque and well-tailored parks and gardens such as Parc de la Tete d Or and Jardin botanique de Lyon.

Lyon is also known as the Gastronomy Capital of France. No wonder, you will find some of the best chefs of France in Lyon. Its proximity to two of France s best wine growing regions also makes Lyon one of the best places in France where you can enjoy fine dining and wining. If you explore the extraordinary culinary culture, then make sure to browse the restaurants and bars close to your hotel in Lyon.

There is no dearth of hotels in Lyon; therefore, you will not have any difficulty in finding an accommodation for you matching to your budget and requirement. One of the hotels that you can book for stay is Park and Suites Prestige Lyon, which is in the heart of the city. Enjoy the pleasure of exploring the history, cuisine and scenic beauty of Lyon during your stay here. Book one of the hotels in London and discover the rich culture and heritage of this French city.

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Gastric bypass surgery performed by remote control

Sunday, August 21, 2005

A robotic system at Stanford Medical Center was used to perform a laparoscopic gastric bypass surgery successfully with a theoretically similar rate of complications to that seen in standard operations. However, as there were only 10 people in the experimental group (and another 10 in the control group), this is not a statistically significant sample.

If this surgical procedure is as successful in large-scale studies, it may lead the way for the use of robotic surgery in even more delicate procedures, such as heart surgery. Note that this is not a fully automated system, as a human doctor controls the operation via remote control. Laparoscopic gastric bypass surgery is a treatment for obesity.

There were concerns that doctors, in the future, might only be trained in the remote control procedure. Ronald G. Latimer, M.D., of Santa Barbara, CA, warned “The fact that surgeons may have to open the patient or might actually need to revert to standard laparoscopic techniques demands that this basic training be a requirement before a robot is purchased. Robots do malfunction, so a backup system is imperative. We should not be seduced to buy this instrument to train surgeons if they are not able to do the primary operations themselves.”

There are precedents for just such a problem occurring. A previous “new technology”, the electrocardiogram (ECG), has lead to a lack of basic education on the older technology, the stethoscope. As a result, many heart conditions now go undiagnosed, especially in children and others who rarely undergo an ECG procedure.

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Weapons storage facility in Syria explodes killing 15 soldiers

Thursday, July 26, 2007

A military weapons storage facility in al-Masalmyiah, just north of Aleppo, Syria has exploded, killing at least 15 Syrian soldiers and injuring at least 50 others. The explosion occurred on the grounds of a military academy’s infantry school where weapons and ammunition are stored.

The blast, which occurred at 4:30 a.m. EEST (UTC+3) is believed to have been caused by excessive summer temperatures, but other reports suggest that a gas leak may have sparked the blast. The incident is reported to not be terrorism related.

“[The blast was] not the result of sabotage. There is a heat wave and temperatures reached close to 50 degrees (Celsius) [Nearly 115 (Fahrenheit)], which caused an ammunition dump to explode,” said an unnamed Syrian official.

Firefighters report several deaths and injuries, but also said that the fires caused by the blast have been extinguished.

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