Rhinoplasty: Most Popular And Advance Technique To Reshape The Nose

Rhinoplasty: Most Popular and Advance Technique to Reshape the Nose


Matt Dilon

Rhinoplasty is genuinely cosmetic nose surgery which is used for giving proper size and shape to the nose. Therefore it is considered as nose job. In somebody s face nose has a very important role. It influences the beauty of human face. So rhinoplasty plays an essential role in enhancing the human beauty. Due to rhinoplasty the tip of the nose can be modified. Rounded nose tip, long nose tip or blunt nose tip can be properly sized and shaped by rhinoplasty.

Right now rhinoplasty is one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries in the world. It is the most advance technique of reshaping the outline of the nose .Nose size enhancement, bridging of the tip of the nose, giving proper proportion to the angle of the nose can be a done through rhinoplasty. It also helps those patients who have respiratory problems.


rhinoplasty before and after

shows the huge improvement of patient s nose. It raises the confidence of a person who have distorted nose.

There is certain age level for rhinoplasty. For rhinoplasty boys should be 15 years and girls should be more than 15 years. The price of rhinoplasty is decided according to the size and shape given to nose. But, at the end everything depends upon doctor. Doctor fees are the deciding factor in the budget of rhinoplasty. Rhinoplasty requires precise skillful work from doctor which raises the price of doctor. But do not choose doctors according to fees. Doctor s experience is important in rhinoplasty or

broken nose surgery

. First of all investigate about doctor s experience and doctor s board certificate. Choose a surgeon who is board certified and has both extensive and specific experience in both rhinoplasty and all the areas of facial plastic surgery.

There are two types of rhinoplasty. First one is closed rhinoplasty and the second one is open rhinoplasty. Closed rhinoplasty surgery is made inside the nose of the patient. In this type of surgery the marks formed after surgery is eliminated. The doctor should have depth of knowledge in rhinoplasty before doing closed rhinoplasty. In open rhinoplasty the surgery is generally made on the upper nose or on the outside area of nose. In this type of surgery the marks are generally created after operation. By using lower amount of drugs the pain created during rhinoplasty can be eliminated. Rhinoplasty, blepharoplasty,


, breast augmentation, brazilian buttock augmentation create a new era in plastic surgery.

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broken nose surgery

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4 Of The Leading Php Frameworks With Unparallel Benefits

Submitted by: Maria Mincey

The different PHP frameworks collectively make PHP tick as they come with several mutually-shared advanced features, and combine them with their own distinct capabilities. They stay affectionately true to the technology and give the users ample reasons to embrace technology in all its new forms.

Arguably the most popular server side scripting language used for developing web applications, PHP has powered technology masters to come up with innovations unfathomed a decade ago or so. This technology gives ample room for unprecedented leverage of imagination and knowledge. The applications developed using PHP exemplify high end functionality and sophisticated utilization.

Now, there are several PHP frameworks, with each having its own space in the development market. These frameworks collectively make PHP tick as they come with several mutually shared advanced features, and combine them with their own distinct capabilities. They stay affectionately true to the technology and give the users ample reasons to embrace technology in all its new forms. The most popular PHP frameworks include:

Cake PHP


An extremely easy platform to install, Cake ranks among the very best offerings of PHP. It is an amalgamation of some new age tools and the conventional PHP attributes that have made it what it is on this date. With a highly intuitive and resourceful Model View Control to enhance its usability, Cake allows easy customization and seamless prototype building. It is also a sort of modular framework which does not demand exclusive programmers all the time. Folks with average programming skills can also code in Cake PHP and come up with darn good apps.

Smarty PHP

Smarty PHP or Smarty Template Engine stays true to its name by staying smart. It is a highly intuitive framework that leans towards user friendliness. It does not take you to a mind trip if you wish to understand the code structure. So, the average programmers who wish to create not so emphatic applications find it harmonizing to work with. On the other hand, it gives a free rein to the advanced programmers who want to boil their product with everything that the technology has to offer. The interface is made such that it keeps everything abstract and hides the intricate details from the user. The whole bevy of extensions further help you create heady applications without going all out while writing codes.


Another popular PHP framework, Zend is a framework that lets you personalize applications the way you want. You create state of the art applications applying radical thought process. For those with a clear cut idea of what they want and how they want it, Zend proves to be an amicable partner as it gives them absolute freedom to go flat out creative. It also takes all the security concerns in its stride and makes it an extremely galling task for hackers to break into the application security algorithms.


Symfony works in total symphony with the developer and his/her ambitions. For those looking to create cutting-edge applications that offer unequivocal benefits, Symfony is the go-to PHP framework. The extensive libraries and extensions make innovation a breeze.

Hire PHP programmers who can carefully evaluate your business requirements and measure them against the distinct features that each framework offers. PHP development outsourcing is an alternative that reaps equally good at times, better benefits.

About the Author: Maria is a qualified PHP Development Outsourcing professional who is great at delivering focus in her writings. She works for the software giant, Xicom Technologies.Here are some of my published articles:-




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Dr Shah.Com: Guidelines For Safe Plastic Surgery Reduce Risk With Research And Smart Selection

DrShah.com: Guidelines for Safe Plastic Surgery–Reduce Risk with Research and Smart Selection


Dr Darshan Shah, MD, FACS

In the last year, a couple of tragic incidents involving patients undergoing cosmetic surgery have caught the attention of news sources. While these incidents are incredibly rare, especially given that over 11 million cosmetic procedures were performed last year, they have been broadcasted wide-scale by media outlets, thereby creating concern and confusion in the minds of those considering cosmetic surgery.

As a plastic surgeon, mentor, and patient-safety advocate, I believe it is our job to help the public understand what is behind these sad and senseless tragedies and how they can protect themselves against complications, to nearly ensure a safe surgical experience.

Under-Qualified Surgeons

Last November, news broke of the untimely death of Dr. Donda West, mother of musician Kanye West. After undergoing a breast reduction, tummy tuck, and liposuction performed by a COSMETIC SURGEON (not a plastic surgeon), West passed away the following day from what the LA County Coroner has called coronary artery disease and multiple post-operative factors due to or as a consequence of liposuction and mammoplasty (sic). This death immediately sent potential patients running scared, as they asked themselves questions regarding the safety of plastic procedures: Is surgery really that dangerous? If a celebrity surgeon can contribute to a death, who can be trusted?

To begin with, the doctor was not board eligible or board certified in plastic surgery, and even worse, had been sued numerous times for medical malpractice; furthermore, at the time of the incident, he was facing allegations of sexual battery. Finally, given West\’s age (58) and rumored history of heart disease, the doctor should have, quite possibly, never performed the surgery in the first place. It is an industry-accepted safety precaution to require patients over age 50, or those who have any health issues whatsoever, to receive approval from their primary care physician before undergoing surgery.

Underprepared Facilities

A second tragedy highlights the importance of not only thoroughly researching the surgeon, but of assessing the qualifications of the facility itself in providing emergency care.


In March of 2008, 18-year-old high school student Stephanie Kuleba passed away during surgery at an outpatient center in Boca Raton, Florida while attempting to correct asymmetrical breasts and an inverted areola. Nearly two hours into the procedure, she developed symptoms of the rare malignant hyperthermia (MH) and was rushed to nearby Delray Medical Center, where she died tragically 24 hours later.

Again, what makes this incident even more distressing is the avoidable nature of the outcome: MH is an extremely uncommon, inherited disorder in which certain agents found in anesthesia trigger a catastrophically elevated body temperature that can reach up to 110 degrees Fahrenheit. And while most surgeons have never encountered a case, if it is triggered, and the proper protocol is not followed, MH can result in rapid death.

However, the key word here is can. When cosmetic surgeries are performed in an outpatient setting properly certified in emergency procedures, the surgeon and staff are specifically trained to treat complications like MH for which there is a known antidote and the facility itself stocked with the proper dosage of lifesaving drugs. Had the center where Kuleba was located been certified by an ambulatory-accreditation agency, such as the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care (AAAHC), this tragedy would have almost certainly been averted.

Guidelines for Safe Surgery

While researching a surgeon\’s training and the certification of the surgical center are the cornerstones of keeping yourself safe, I share with potential patients the following comprehensive guidelines for undergoing cosmetic surgery safely and stress free:

1. Visit websites like the American Board of Plastic Surgery (www.abplsurg.com) or American College of Surgeons (www.facs.org) to see where a surgeon stands in terms of qualifications. Make sure you choose a well trained PLASTIC SURGEON, someone who has had general surgery or OMF/ENT training, then a formal 2 or 3 year plastic surgery training program OR a full 6-7 year plastic surgery training program. Many cosmetic surgeons take weekend courses and are not board certified or eligible plastic surgeons. In fact, many cosmetic surgeons don\’t even have the background or training in surgery that makes a safe plastic surgeon. So research, ask questions, and be careful.

2. Meet the (wo)man!

While some may argue that you don\’t need to click on a personal level to have a safe surgical experience, feeling comfortable with your doctor is actually an important consideration: If you feel at ease, you are more likely to address your fears and ask the questions that will paint the fullest picture of the doctor\’s competencies. Furthermore, there are certain red flags to look for such as a doctor who seems to be persuading you to have a surgery or who actively pushes additional procedures. When meeting a potential surgeon, the vibe you should be getting is one of caution, no matter what the procedure. Ask questions like how many of this procedure have you done? Have you had complications? How many?

3. Ask about AAAHC or other ambulatory surgery center accreditation.

As discussed above, ensuring your safety is not just about the surgeon. Make sure to ask about a center\’s emergency (or ambulatory ) accreditation; either the AAAHC or the American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities (AAAASF) are the ones to look for, as both mean that the facility has met stringent regulations for providing emergency care, and it\’s surgeons and support staff have undergone intensive education and practice drills to ensure patients are protected should a complication arise. Be extremely wary about doing your procedure in a simple office setting environment. Without AAAHC, AAAASF or DHS accreditation and a certified anesthesia provider, you should be very hesitant to have a procedure performed in this setting.

4. A medical exam is a must.

Any qualified surgeon will require a patient to undergo a full medical evaluation prior to surgery if you have any health issues or are over the age of 50, and will review the results personally. If your doctor discredits the need for a full workup or simply takes your word that you are in good health, you need to find another doctor. And disappointing as it may be, if the results of your exam indicate you are not a good candidate for cosmetic surgery, heed the warning and don\’t go doctor shopping until you find a surgeon who\’ll agree to perform the procedure. Ignoring this warning is one of the most common causes of disaster.

5. Follow the doctor\’s orders.

There are good reasons doctors give instructions prior to surgery; ignore them and you may be putting your life in peril. Whether it\’s quitting smoking or avoiding alcohol or aspirin, when it comes to pre-operative orders, caution is king.

6. Be honest with your surgeon.

This should go without saying, but it is extremely risky to withhold information about your medical history in an effort to get your doctor to approve a surgery. Even if you think it\’s irrelevant, be sure to disclose all medical conditions (past or present), prior surgeries, and medications or drug use your doctor is bound by the laws of confidentiality, so disclose everything to avoid danger.

7. Be honest with yourself.

While this is not so much a matter of safety as it is psychological health, the best way to assure a positive outcome is to be honest with yourself (and your doctor) regarding your expectations. Cosmetic surgery is not to be taken lightly; make sure you identify the reasons you desire a procedure, assess what you feel will change as a result, and verify that your goals regarding the surgery are realistic. For example, liposuction or breast enhancement may boost your confidence at the beach, but they will not address underlying depression or solve interpersonal issues.

So what we tell patients is really three things: First of all, cosmetic surgery is not something that should be entered into haphazardly; it can provide enormous benefits for the right candidate, but requires serious consideration. Secondly, the best way to protect yourself is to do your own research prior to even meeting a potential surgeon. And finally, if you have followed the first two pointers, you can relax; plastic surgery itself actually carries minimal risk when you put yourself in the hands of a qualified, certified, plastic surgery specialist – someone who has trained and devoted their career to the field of plastic and reconstructive surgery.

Dr. Darshan Shah, MD, FACS, (Beautologie Cosmetic Surgery & Laser Center, Bakersfield, CA http://www.beautologie.com/) world-renowned plastic surgeon, is an experienced professional dedicated to helping patients to look and feel beautiful. Learn more at http://www.beautologie.com/doctor-darshan-shah. Visit his blog at http://drshah.com

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Reduce Body Fat With Liposuction Surgery At Ambrosia Clinic




Liposuction has been the single most defining cosmetic surgery technique evolution in the history of cosmetic surgery. Since its introduction in the USA over 40 years ago, Liposuction has been constantly rising in popularity across the globe and today it stands as the most popular cosmetic surgery in the United States as well as across the world with India following the United States in popularity stakes.

The phenomenal success of Liposuction is attributed to its ability to not only treat but very effectively too stubborn fatty deposits from traditional trouble spots on the body, such as the abdomen, waist, thighs, hips, upper arms and neck. Also called as Body Contouring, Liposuction removes pockets of fat cells through a stainless steel suction tube. Advanced Techniques like Tumescent, Superwet, Ultrasonic Liposuction, Power-assisted Liposuction and above all, Laser-assisted Liposuction, have been hugely successful in breaking up large volumes of fat and later removing them with less blood in a smooth and safe manner.

Liposuction in India

& Hyderabad has caught in a big way thanks to the presence of several world class cosmetic clinics offering world class cosmetic surgeries. This allied with reasonable costs of Liposuction in India and Hyderabad has encouraged many people to opt for Liposuction and ensure excess fat removal helping put their bodies in the right shape. One of the most prominent players in Hyderabad that has achieved proficiency in Liposuction is Ambrosia Clinic, located in the serene environs of the plush Banjara Hills. Ambrosia Clinic is fully accredited with world class treatment facilities which are second to none, supplemented by a pool of some of the best Liposuction surgeons in India and qualified anesthesiologists, demonstrating Ambrosia s commitment to providing a quality patient experience.


The costs of Liposuction play a critical role in enticing people to go for Lipo. A few years ago, exorbitant fees were charged by cosmetic clinics, but today Liposuction prices are much more reasonable making it affordable to many people. At Ambrosia , Liposuction Costs include surgeon s fees and package s fees comprising of facility fees, equipment usage fees, cost of compression garments and other supplies used after the surgery. However, Liposuction costs eventually vary from patient to patient depending on the area and number of body areas where you want liposuction, the specific lipo procedure used, and the amount of fatty tissue to be removed from the located areas.

Suppose a patient goes for multiple areas of liposuction treatment then the Costs of Liposuction surgical treatment will be more. Where a patient undergoes just liposuction of the arms, then they will less than say what Liposuction prices will be in case of liposuction of the thigh. Another factor that influences Liposuction Prices is treatment period, that is, whether it s a single day or separate occasions over a period of several days or months. In a nutshell, Liposuction Costs anywhere between Rs 40,000 and Rs 2 lakh depending upon the suction area, amount of fat to be removed and the nature of the procedure that is to be performed.

If you re seeking out Liposuction treatment to get rid of excess fat, then seek out Ambrosia Clinic for it offers the highest standard of treatment and care by skilled Liposuction surgeons India, well-versed in understanding a patient s problem and needs. If you re keen to understand Ambrosia Clinic better, log into http://www.ambrosiaclinic.com/body-surgery-liposuction.php


MLA Colony, Besides Sony Building,

Road No 12, Banjara Hills

Hyderabad 500034

Andhra Pradesh (INDIA)

Clinic Hours: 10am – 6pm. Weekdays (Mon – Sat)

http://www.ambrosiaclinic.com/AMBROSIA CLINICMLA Colony, Besides Sony Building, Road No 12, Banjara HillsHyderabad 500034Andhra Pradesh (INDIA)Clinic Hours: 10am – 6pm. Weekdays (Mon – Sat)

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Conditions Commonly Treated By Foot Surgeons In Racine, Wi


There are many conditions that impact patients’ feet and ankles, leaving them with pain, discomfort, and potentially severe mobility issues. Many of these conditions can be treated medically, but some really require the help of foot surgeons in Racine WI for resolution. Read on to find out about a few conditions commonly treated with foot surgery below.

Hallux Rigidus

Also known simply as a stiff big toe, Hallux Rigidus causes pain and stiffness that can make it difficult to walk. This condition originates from trauma due to degenerative forms of arthritis and is often exacerbated by damp, cold weather. While wearing the right shoes and applying natural lubricants or steroid injections may temporarily ease the discomfort associated with this condition, surgery is often required to restore mobility in serious cases.

Hallux Valgus

More often referred to as a bunion, this condition is one of the most common foot deformities. It manifests as a bony bump between the big toe and the foot and often causes the big toe to bend inward. Bunions can be extremely painful, so those suffering from serious deformities often choose to have surgery to reduce pain and increase mobility.

Hammertoe Disorders

Hammertoe refers to a disorder in which a patient’s toes bend at abnormal angles, causing pain and other problems. This condition is caused by a muscle and tendon imbalance, which is often the result of leaving bunions untreated for prolonged periods of time. Surgical treatment involves the fusing of the patient’s deformed joints using small implants or surgical pins, which can later be removed to restore normal function.

Plantar Fasciitis

Also known as jogger’s heel, this condition is caused by torn or inflamed heel ligaments, which may require the help of Foot Surgeons in Racine WI for permanent correction. Symptoms of Plantar Fasciitis include stabbing pain in the heel that usually manifests itself in the early morning and vanishes later in the day. Runners, people who are severely overweight, and those who wear shoes with hard heels are all at greater risk of developing this disorder.

Learn More Today

Want to find out if foot surgery may be a good long-term option for treating these or other foot disorders? Visit Greatlakesfootankle.com online for more information or call to schedule an appointment today to get started.

When There Is No Plastic Surgeon

When there is no plastic surgeon


ramit soni

Breast come in different shapes and sizes which is the reason we have different types of boob jobs on them. Today, there are so many plastic surgeons who are involved in procedure of boob jobs that would help men and women the perfect breast in few hours when it comes to Breast Enhancement. There are so many people who are taking advantage of this medical procedure in looking presentable the way a lot of celebrities are seen looking fabulous. This is because some of them have gone through the knife and that has made them look exceptionally young and better. When a surgery of this procedure is properly done, it would be difficult to differentiate between the ones we call the real breasts and the false ones. The reason for these surgeries is staying young forever and not allowing age mar someone especially the ladies when it comes to their breast.

Breast Enlargement is one of the plastic surgery that handles those who wants their breasts to look fabulous and bigger. Some women are endowed with tiny breasts that make them look embarrassed while others have massive ones that the former ladies envy. This envy is a thing of the past as a lot of women now have the exact type of breast they had once coveted within hours and because of the ease with which they go for these surgeries, there is hardly a day that goes by that one would not be seen going for these surgeries.


Cosmetic Surgery has been handling these types of surgeries for ages. In the year 1917, Walter Yeo benefited from this plastic surgery. And after him a lot of people have passed through the knife to have one part of many parts of their bodies in a cosmetic reconstruction of one type of surgery to another that would help them look better and prettier. This is because these surgeries are harmless and would not give challenge to the patient if it is done accurately. It was the Indians that started these reconstructive body surgeries that can be called plastic surgeries and they were the ones who even taught the world what to do. In the beginning a man called, Joseph Constantine was in India for up to twenty years when he was learning how to perfect on surgeries. And today, we are enjoying years of research on this plastic procedures that is making us better.

Looking for

Boob Job


Breast Reduction


Breast Uplift

in UK

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Cosmetic Surgeon: How To Choose The Right Surgeon For Your Procedure

Submitted by: Abigail Aaronson

Choosing a cosmetic surgery procedure may be an easy decision, but picking a cosmetic surgeon can be much more difficult. You’ll have to consider skill level, bedside manner, location, and even availability. Here are some of the most important considerations to take into account when choosing the perfect cosmetic surgeon.

1. Check Credentials

A plastic surgeon should always be board-certified, have many years of experience, specialize or have significant experience with the specific procedure you’re considering, and have gone to an accredited medical school. It’s also wise to check the cosmetic surgeon’s past history. Check for malpractice suits by doing an extensive search on the internet. Some states also release certain records to the public. See if these area available where you live.

2. Consult with Several Surgeons

When making a big decision, it is important to explore a variety of options. After narrowing down your initial research to a handful of qualified surgeons, choose three to four for an initial consultation. Many times these consultations are free or the cost will be deducted if you choose to undergo the procedure with that particular surgeon. Meeting with different cosmetic surgeons will help you compare prices, techniques, and bedside manner.


3. Experience

Many surgeons perform multiple procedures, but often times they specialize in a particular technique or with a specific area of the body. This does not mean that you necessarily need to choose the top cosmetic surgeon in his field, but many patients feel more comfortable choosing a surgeon that has a more limited scope of practice.

Some surgeries are more straightforward to perform than others. The average breast augmentation is generally a fairly routine cosmetic surgery while nose jobs tend to be less predictable and more individualized. Generally, the more complex of difficult the surgery, the wiser it is to choose a specialist.

4. Bedside Manner

Although credentials and skill trump the most pleasant of plastic surgeons, bedside manner is still an important factor to take into consideration. You should feel a certain level of comfort and confidence in surgeon and the care you will be receiving.

Does the surgeon answer your questions completely and honestly? Is he available if complications arise? How accessible is his office and staff? Does he take his time and not rush you during the consultation? These are all important questions to ask when making a decision.

5. Location

Unless you’re particularly lucky or live in a large city, you might have to make some travel accommodations for your cosmetic surgery. Some people don’t mind traveling great distances for specialist or top doctors, while others simply can’t afford the expense.

You’ll also have to consider spending a few days at a local hotel immediately following the surgery before you’re fit enough to travel back home, as well as the possibility of having hiring a nurse to assist you or a trusted friend who can accompany you.

If travel expenses are simply out of your budget, be sure that more local options are just as desirable, or consult with your surgeon’s office to see if they can be of assistance in finding you a more affordable deal.

About the Author: Monroe plastic surgeon is knowledgeable, highly skilled, and friendly and will perform your cosmetic surgery at a discreet, private surgical facility accredited by the Joint Commission. Visit


to schedule a consultation.



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