Why It Pays To Invest In Gold

By Bob Schwartz, California Gold Nugget Prospector

There is a giant vacuum scooping up most of your financial wealth and you dont even hear the noise. Quite simply, you are going broke. The US currency was designed to be, literally, as good as gold, from the very beginning. The Constitution states that our currency was meant to be only gold and silver to prevent exactly what is been happening to the US dollar right now.

When the gold standard was set in place the price of gold remained a constant $20.65 per ounce and fluctuated only one penny over the years 1833 to 1890. From the years 1891 to 1930 the price of gold was still pretty stable. The low was $20.58 and the high $21.32 per ounce. This means that for the period of 1833 through 1930, a total of 97 years, the price for 1 ounce of gold changed only 74 in US dollars. An interesting fact is that gold hit an all-time low $17.06 during the Depression year of 1931.

Many people believe that the 1931 goal was influenced by the newly formed Federal Reserve which kept the money supply very tight. Some believe that it was the Great Depression that created the Federal Reserve. Actually, the Federal Reserve was created in 1913, well before the Great Depression. Since the Fed’s creation, the US has been slowly going off the gold standard. On August 15, 1971, President Nixon announced that the United States would no longer redeem US currency for gold. This was actually the final step for the US abandoning the gold standard.

Since going off the gold standard the value of the US dollar has been steadily and continuously declining. While the actual price of gold remained fairly consistent, one has to look at the value of the dollar. Since going off the gold standard, the dollar has declined.

Recently the price of gold hit all time highs at over $1400 an ounce. Since then the rate has dropped below $1400 but the Federal Reserves latest scheme to buy 600 trillion of the Treasury’s debt, it seems certain that gold is about to reach a new high once again.


Now here’s an interesting fact: In 1964, a quarter would buy you a gallon of gas. Quarters made in 1964 and earlier were roughly 90% silver and 10% copper. Today, with gas going for about three dollars a gallon, the silver in that pre-1964 quarter would buy over a gallon and a half worth of gas. So you can see, it’s not that the price of silver has gone up so much. It’s the fact that the dollar has been tumbling that makes this possible.

There are many out there that are saying this is a gold and silver bubble and it’s about to bust.

The uncontrolled spending here in California by the state government, as well as the Federal government, indicates the dollar value will continually erode, at least in the foreseeable future.

It takes about 5 1/2 pre-1964 quarters to make up 1 ounce of silver. In my example above you can see that the price of gold and silver actually remains quite constant, while the paper currencies that are not tried to gold and silver have actually declined. One can look to the European countries to see the crisis that’s happening with the Euro and individual currencies.

Today the current country in economic distress is Ireland, a few weeks ago it was Greece, and people believe Spain is in the same boat.

This overspending and debt creation has been driving the purchasing power of the dollar down. This is exactly what the founders of the Constitution warned us about and foresaw to prevent by putting us on a gold standard to back our currency. The current $600 trillion Treasury note debt purchase by the Federal Reserve, is just a tax on all US citizens. The government is taking money from each and every citizen by pushing down the value of the dollar. The vast majority of citizens don’t realize this is a tax; in reality that’s exactly what it is.

If you listen to the government, you’ll hear there is no inflation. Go to the grocery store and look at prices for basic staples (milk, fresh vegetables, cheese); they’ve all gone way up. Even though ones salary has been pretty consistent, youre able to purchase much less and have much less disposable income. The concern is not the fact that these commodities are going up; it is that the dollar value is going down.

Investor portfolios should include gold investment in order to offset the decline in the dollars purchasing power.

The majority of the worlds gold mining results in fine gold dust and natural gold nuggets are rare. Everyone should have some investments in gold.

My personal passion is weekend gold nugget hunting. The adventure of finding my own nuggets is a joy. Meeting many other prospectors has been educational and fun.

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How To Use Free Ad Websites For Profits!

By Kenneth Echie

Do you lack the advertising budget of the gurus? Are you struggling to put your product or website in front of customers?

Its a good thing you found this article. This article will share with you one of the free ways I use to put my products and websites in front of my customers.

I use free ad websites to advertise quite a bit. Like some of you, I dont have big ad budget. I have found free ad websites handy in my internet pursuit.

When I say free ad website, I do not mean Free For All (FFA) websites. FFA websites were once effective way of advertising on the internet, but people have abused them so much that they are now of no value.


I suggest you stay away from them.

You still see a lot of them around because newbies still fall for them. When I was a newbie, I did fall for them. The horror I wish not to discuss

Below are the benefits of free ad websites and how they can put money in your pocket:

a) The good ones have high traffic and are highly ranked in the search engines. So people will get to see what you are selling as they visit these highly ranked websites. If you have a good ad, your product will sell.

b) They provide backlinks to your website. Backlinks help your website rank high in the search engines.

c) Some of them have good pagerank and can transfer some their pagerank to your website. If you dont know what pagerank is, dont worry. The only thing you need to know is that it helps your websites ranking in the search engines.

d) Since the search engines highly regard some of the good ones, your ad can rank high in the search engines. I had this happen top me. The ad for my website was ranked higher than my website. This will translate into sales when people looking for your product visit your website.

Do not discount the effectiveness of free ad websites. The method is so highly effective that I know an e-book on the market right now teaching this method and similar methods. It sells for some pretty pennies. I cover this method and more in my Zero Cost Profits report (see my resources box below).

Copywrite Kenneth Echie.

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My Spy Cam | You Can Be Very Productive At Work And At Home With The Use Of Spy Cams

By Angela Dalton

The success or failure in business solely depends upon a variety of factors, some of which may be beyond our direct control. The factors beyond our control arise from the work environment and the type of work we do. Business operates always in an environment where there are good equipments for our aid. While making decisions we always have to consider the procedure of doing work. It is therefore essential to understand precisely the meaning and the use of the spy cams or the hidden cameras and its advantages. The advantages of the spy cams are a collectivity of all the aspects within the control of business and beyond the control of individual business. The advantageous factors of the hidden cameras vary from time to time, size and features of the cameras on individual uses. Today almost every body are influenced by the functions of the spy cams are opting to use them for the various purposes in their daily routine. The various designs, models and features can now adjust the smooth flow and security of our possessions whether it is used for the safety of the house or the business. When it comes to capture images, it captures first rate and clear performances and images.

I am very convenient using the spy cams for the good flow of my business because of its multipurpose accessories. I can use the spy cam for the observation of the staff in my office and I can use the spy cam to capture the beautiful moments which I spend with my family everyday in my house. I capture every moment in the camera and enjoy those moments whenever I have time to leisure. I even capture the beautiful moments which I spend with my friends or relatives whenever we gather for the party or any other occasion. This multi purpose camera is fantastic equipment which can be used by all for any cause. These cameras give us the unique service and benefits we desire for. The exciting experience comes with the use of super and excellent equipments. Careful management and a sense of creativity contribute to a successful business and management.


Earlier, there were not many cameras in the market and they were away from the reach of the common man. But as years passed, the manufacturers of the cameras gave new and cheaper models. Now it is no more an expensive gadget but it is a requirement and the rates are such that every common man can meet the expense and buy it and install it for the better flow of his business or any other comfort which he is using it for. Modern spy cams are very efficient. You will impulsively be more approachable to distinguish the significance of the advantages of the spy cams. You have to make sure that your aim and requirements are clear and decisive that which camera you are in need of. You can easily find the details of the various spy cams in any of the website who are selling these cameras through the internet.

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The Advantages Of Automotive Fuel Injection Systems Vs Carburetors

By Kirk I Inkster

Although fuel injection has been around for many years, the advent of electronic fuel injection with the wonders of all the little computerized modules in our automobiles finally brought the era of the automobile carburetor to its virtual end of the road.

It can be said that fuel injections advantages over the older carburetor fuel injection systems that were the mainstay years ago in most gasoline powered vehicles on the roads and highways of the USA & Canada. The advantages of fuel injection powered systems over carburetor ones include easier cold starting – is a godsend of reliability in northern states of the USA and up north in Canada. Add better performance, more precise control over fuel mixtures resulting in better and more economical fuel economy and as a final touch reduced emissions. Fuel injection systems also eliminate the need for automotive components such as the choke, accelerator pump and idle stop solenoid. With so much in its favor its not surprising that fuel injection fuel systems have taken over the road when it comes to fuel systems in new cars and trucks on the road today.


The main difference between a carburetor and fuel injection is that the fuel is drawn into the engine by vacuum in a carburetor system whereas with fuel injection it is sprayed or injected into the engine under pressure. When air passes down the narrow part of a carburetors throat (called the venture), it creates a difference in pressure between the air in the venture and in the carburetor fuel bowl. The difference in pressure draws the fuel through the carburetors main jets and metering passages and into the venture where it mixes with air and passes into the intake manifold of the gasoline engine.

With fuel injection, fuel metering is not dependent on differences in air pressure. Fuel is sprayed into the incoming air stream, creating a much finer mist that promotes better fuel atomization and mixing. The amount of fuel that is injected depends only on the volume of the air entering the engine and engine load and loads. This is where the electronic part and parts come in because basically it took until the advent of small portable electronic components -essentially a computer and computerization. Various electronic engine sensors to calculate how much fuel is needed to maintain the correct fuel / oil mixture.

Lastly in order to function properly all of the engine sensors must be working and feeding correct information to the computer. If as a driver you note the check engine light appear- it may well be that the system has determined that one of the sensors in not working properly and must be attended by properly trained and certified technicians.

Sadly in this day and age often its a tactic or easy fix simply to check the codes and in effect turn the alerts off. As a motorist you might think that everything is fine in your vehicle. However it may simply be the case that your codes have been reset the alert system has been turned mute and your fuel injection system sensors need checking, testing and perhaps replacement.

About the Author: Kirk I Inkster 50 Years Experience in the Edmonton Northern Alberta Oil Sands Canadian Automobile Industry

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Cisco Ccnp Collaboration 300 070 Ciptv1 Exam Dumps Certpark}

Submitted by: Jayson Bowdoin

Certpark Cisco CCNP Collaboration 300-070 CIPTV1 exam dumps have a high quality, which its practice questions have 95% similarity with real examination. If you use Certpark Cisco CCNP Collaboration 300-070 CIPTV1 exam dumps to do some simulation test, you can 100% pass your first time to attend IT certification exam.Certpark can provide you with a reliable and comprehensive solution to pass Cisco certification 300-070 exam.

Share some CCNP Collaboration 300-070 exam questions and answers below.

Which two codecs are required for Cisco WebEx Enabled TelePresence? (Choose two.)

A. G.711 codec for audio

B. H.264 codec for video

C. G.729 codec for audio

D. G.711 or G.729 codec for audio

E. H.263 codec for video

F. H.264 or H.263 codec for video

Answer: A,B

Which three commands show the output of an active video call? (Choose three.)

A. show vrm active_calls


B. show call active video brief

C. show voip rtp connections

D. show voice call

E. show voice call summary

F. show video dsp

Answer: B,C,E

Which three statements about the default VoIP dial peer are true? (Choose three.)

A. VAD is disabled.

B. RSVP is not supported.

C. Only the G.711 codec is supported.

D. The G.729 and G.711 codecs are supported.

E. Fax-rate service is supported.

F. DTMF relay is supported.

Answer: B,D,E

Which three are functions of Cisco Unified Border Element? (Choose three.)

A. client registration

B. H.323 and SIP interworking

C. Lync interworking

D. transcoding

E. phone proxy

F. mobile and remote access

Answer: B,D,E

Which three CLI commands allow you to verify the correct VoIP dial-peer matching? (Choose three.)

A. debug ccsip messages

B. debug voip ccapi inout

C. debug dialpeer match

D. debug voip dialpeer inout

E. show dialplan numbe

Answer: B,D,E

Especially those who study while working, you can save a lot of time easily. Certpark Cisco CCNP Collaboration 300-070 CIPTV1 exam dumps are the thing which you most wanted.In order to meet the request of current real test, the technology team of research on Certpark Cisco CCNP Collaboration 300-070 CIPTV1 exam dumps is always update the questions and answers in time. We always accept feedbacks from users, and take many of the good recommendations, resulting in a perfect Certpark 300-070 test. Our visibility is very high, which are results that obtained through many candidates who have used the Certpark Cisco CCNP Collaboration 300-070 CIPTV1 exam dumps.

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