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The most exciting part about planning a birthday party for kids is usually the games. After all it is the games that help get kids involved in the festivities, and introduces strangers to each other. Choosing some wonderful and imaginative icebreaker games will make sure that your party is truly unforgettable.


A pinata is one of those timeless classics that is also one of the best icebreaker games. This activity makes it possible for all of your guests to be winners no matter who successfully breaks the treat filled container.

You start by selecting a pinata (or making one yourself) that fits the theme of the party. Some people do appreciate the interest that a totally unexpected piata shape can add to the festivities.

Whichever route you decide to go, just make sure that you stuff it with some real treasures. Fill the piata with all sorts of goodies, such as candies, prizes, even money! Hey, collecting and eating lots of sweets can be an icebreaker game, right?

Hang the pinata from a tree limb outside if possible. Then you can give your guests each a turn at trying to swat the swinging treasure chest. Blindfolds and spinning the guests in a circle a few times makes contacting the piata with a stick or bat a little more challenging. This also will get your guests laughing and talking as they watch the fun unfold in front of their eyes. Even the shyest individuals love to participate in this type of party game.


Pin the tail on the donkey is another of the classic icebreaker games for parties that is still popular. Hang a picture of a tailless donkey on the wall, and blindfold each contestant after giving them a “tail” with tape attached.

Spin the individual around a few times, stopping them in the vicinity of the picture and allow them to take a turn trying to pin the tail in the right location on the donkey. The game is won by judging who gets the donkey’s tail closest to the correct spot.

You do not have to settle for this version however, party games were meant to evolve and change. It is easy to create a similar party game where you pin apples on a tree branch, or a wart on the witch’s nose. You can even let your guests take turns trying to attach ears, eyes and saddles to an animal character that you have hung on the wall.


Musical chairs has been topping the list of best party style icebreaker games for many years. Although it may take a few rounds of this game to get the shyest individuals to relax, musical chairs is an activity that will never fail to get your guests into a party mood.


Try some of the other party games and icebreakers like Grapevine where you select teams of 3 or more individuals. Then the goal is for you to tell the first person in the group a short story, song or poem. They in turn must repeat it to the person on their right without any errors. That person will then pass the message along. You wait and let the last person in the group recite the message and the winner is the team that gets the message passed along with either no errors, or the fewest errors.

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