Learning To Bowl Is Fun For All Ages}

Submitted by: Mark Hackmann

With so many different activities available today why should learning to bowl be one of those? Bowling is a fun sport that can be played year round, great in the winter when it is really cold outside and great in the summer when those temperatures and humidity become unbearable. Anyone can play the game from small children to the elderly. Bowling can be played in many different forms.

The First form is open bowling. Open bowling is where someone walks into a bowling center and rents a lane and some shoes and then picks out a house ball that comes the closest in size, weight and finger span for the individual to use comfortably. Then they put on the shoes and roll the ball down the lane and try to knock down as many pins as possible.

The Second is a bowling party or company bowling party. Somewhat similar to open bowling except the lanes are reserved for the organization or party event and will have experienced bowlers as well as beginner participating together.


The Third type is more of a specialty of the house. Some centers offer what is known as Colorama, a three game set where you pay for the lanes at a set fee and then as you bowl game colored pins will come up in the rack for some shots. If you get a strike with a colored pin as the head pin you can when some cash, the same applies to certain spares. Colorama also has tickets for bowling strike shots for a cash amount. These tickets are purchased separately and the money determines the amount of cash prizes on ticket shots.

Other centers offer open bowling specials on the weekends at certain hours later in the evening. This type of bowling is where you bowl with the regular lights off and instead you will have black lights, laser lights, disco lights and runway lights all with music playing. Usually this unlimited bowling for a few hours. This has become a very popular recreation in the recent days.

The Fourth is league bowling. League bowling also involves both beginners who want to take the next step in bowling and experienced bowlers who like the excitement of competition. This is where most bowlers really put forth their effort into learning to bowl. While many bowlers at some time after doing frequent open bowling will buy a ball, bag and shoes, these are done for recreational purposes only, not for improving the level of their skill. This is where the bowler who is learning to bowl will seek to buy the proper equipment to improve their game.

Learning the proper techniques, the proper stance, the proper approach, how to hold a ball, releasing the ball, throwing their first hook ball and competing on a team can be a lot of fun especially when you see your improvement over time.

Every person who is learning to bowl will seek out help at some point in time. Some bowling centers will have a resident pro who will give lessons, depending on the format some may be simple lessons at no charge while others will have fees.

There are also books and DVDs available for learning to bowl. Also bowling lessons and tips can be found by doing a search on the internet doing a search. Some of those tips can be clips on YouTube while others may be online video lessons offered from a Professional bowler.

About the Author: I have enjoyed bowling for many years. I first decided to learn how to bowl when the company I worked for at that time decided to create a company bowling league. I became hooked and have been bowling ever since. Bowling is fun! It is a great sport and recreation and can be fun for all ages. Learning to bowl can open many doors for social activities. For more information on resources for learning to bowl and other equipment and resources visit





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