All Hail The Prep Sport Stat Master

Submitted by: Dennis Jarvis

It’s okay…you don’t have to bow. The StatMaster is just an integral part of what makes and the Fantasy Leagues work. That’s all. That’s all? We think it’s pretty important so let take a look at what exactly a StatMaster is and how you can become one.

The whole world of Prep Sport Fantasy Leagues revolves around stats – high school sport statistics entered into the system from various sources. You can’t play the game without this information and you definitely can’t win! So the statistics are pretty important. So where do we get them from? We have secret cameras operating at every game tucked into the mascot’s costumes. Okay…maybe that’s a stretch but those mascots are shady…who knows what they’re capable of. The answer is actually a little simpler than that. The majority of the stats come from the community…that’s you by the way.

How we get the prep sport stats


Players are able to enter information on their own sport stats directly into the system once they’ve set up a player profile account (which is very easy and very free). There are safeguards so that they enter the correct information but it doesn’t really help them to pad their stats since it will get them kicked out of fantasy leagues and their status goes way down when hit the local Long John Silvers. Hush Puppies…..yum. That’s just one source of the stats needed.

We also enter stats on our side to provide a base of sports stats for the system. We have an entire building of crazed temps just pounding keyboards as fast as you make that game winning shot or 80 yard run back. Actually, there’s a few of them and mainly they sit around discussing their favorite Call of Duty maps but the stats are getting in on the back end. We’ll be ramping this source of stats up as we go along.

Finally, there’s the dreaded StatMaster. Feared by men, loved by women, and generally ignored by dogs and cats. The StatMaster can be a player or fan. They just need the corresponding Player Account or Fan Account. They will have be able to add players, remove players, and edit stats for any player in their school and or league depending on the level of authority they have. These are the people who make it happen. They may be coaches, assistant coaches, the person in charge of sports for the yearbook, or just a really die hard fan. Essentially they have the ability to add stats for other players that haven’t added info themselves. Of course, their info can be contested as well if they make mistakes or if they are not fast enough adding the information.

Prep Sport Stat Hierarchy

Typically, there is one Statmaster per school and there is a hierarchy involved. For example, if a player enters stats, that will generally override anything maintained by the School StatMaster. If the School StatMaster adds stats, that will override authority of the League StatMaster. Basically, it goes from small to big in terms of who has priority for stats.

So were looking for a few good prep sport StatMasters out there. We enter more stats before 6am than most people do all day. Okay, that was lame but you get the picture.

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