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Whether you are a seasoned musician or a beginner striving to find your rhythm, you surely understand the importance of having a right platform to aid your musical journey. Musicians Friend, a significant music retailer, offers a comprehensive resource for every musical need you could imagine. The company not only provides a vast range of musical instruments but also extends various tag-ons like instructional content and reviews from seasoned musicians.

Musicians Friend was established in 1983 by Rob and DeAnna Eastman. Initially run out of a garage, it has transformed magnificently into one of the world’s top direct marketer of music gear, thanks to its commitment towards customer service, an extensive product offering, and a passion for music that is mirrored by its customers.

Their array of products ranges from electric guitars, drum sets, audio equipment, keyboards, to music software. The retailer operates through an online store and catalogs, making it easily accessible to musicians around the globe, and allowing for a broad scope of customers and musical genres. Their products are not only limited to professional musicians but also cater for beginners and intermediate players, which makes Musicians Friend remarkably all-inclusive.

Additionally, Musicians Friend goes the extra mile in supporting musicians in their artistry. The espoused commitment to clients is perfectly demonstrated through their provision of an online resource center that provides instructional content for musicians at various skill levels. This feature adds value to the customer’s purchasing experience by equipping them with skills and knowledge relating to the purchased instruments.

One of the features that sets Musicians Friend apart from its counterparts is the dedicated section that showcases a broad range of products from third-party sellers. The inclusion of external sellers provides a wider variety of options for customers. A popular site with high-quality music products is the Bava’s Music City Website. The site, a partner of Musicians Friend, shares similar values of quality, variety, and dedication to its customers making them ideal partners. Customers can hence expect top-notch products and top-tier service from Bava’s Music City through its collaboration with Musicians Friend.

The collaboration of Musicians Friend with reputable companies like Bava’s Music City Website, ensures musicians have access to numerous high-quality products. Such collaborations contribute to their vision of inspiring people to create music, by making it easier to access varied instrument options. Through such partnerships, musicians can conveniently find all their musical needs under one respective retailer, streamlining their shopping experience, and freeing more time for them to focus on their passion – creating music.

Moreover, besides its diverse product offering, Musicians Friend’s customer service is exemplary. They have an easy return policy for goods within 45 days. This feature reduces the risk involved in purchasing an instrument online. They also provide price matching, giving customers the security that they’re receiving the best possible pricing for their desired goods.

In conclusion, not only does Musicians Friend offer an extensive array of musical instruments and equipment, but it also provides a platform for musicians of all levels to learn and improve their skills. The tie-up with Bava’s Music City Website, and other reputable firms, enhances their product range, providing the ultimate music shopping experience for musicians around the globe.

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OSHO QUOTES – From Madness to Music


Mohan RaoBELOVED OSHO,WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN MUSIC AND THE GYMNASTICS OF MUSIC? IN THE LAST COUPLE OF YEARS MY EXPERIENCE HAS BEEN OF FRANTIC NON-HARMONIOUS MUSIC. INSTEAD OF FEELING SILENT AND MEDITATIVE, I AM GETTING TENDONITIS IN MY ARMS FROM DRUMMING.CAN YOU COMMENT?The difference is simple, just the difference between madness and sanity. Your music is not music; it is simply your madness.But to express it directly you will be in trouble. So to express it through music, the trouble is avoided and you will find fools to say, “What a great musician you are!”So on both accounts, your madness is released That helps you. And the appreciation of other mad people, gives you an egoistic satisfaction. But the reality is you are deceiving yourself.Real music is born out of a silent mind.Real music is meditation manifested.Your music is madness manifested.You must have a certain talent for music, but it is being used by madness. You can change; it can be used by your meditation.In the East, the music has a totally different quality. It can even cure people from diseases. It can cure even a madman. It is so silent, so subtle, so delicate. In the East, nobody will recognize your jazz and other kinds of music, as music.A musician works hard, because he has to bring something which is beyond words, but is not beyond music, which cannot be said but it can be played on a sitar. And it is tremendously relaxing, not only for the person who is playing — he completely forgets his ego; only then his music reaches to its ultimate height — but for those who hear it, they also forget their ego. They become simply a listening. There is no listener.You say, “You play drums madly.” That is not music. That is simply throwing up your madness. And of course the world is full of mad people. They will get identified with you; they will enjoy it.Who were the people who were enjoying the Beatles and other music groups that emerged among the younger generation? Who were the people?The Beatles were mad and their fans — thousands of young people — were mostly hippy. Nobody knew anything about music, but they became great heroes. To become a hero in a mad world, you need to be a great madman.If you listen to Eastern music, perhaps it will simply go above your head. First, the Eastern musician just prepares for half an hour or more. He is not yet going into depth; he is just preparing his instrument and himself. And you will be tired by that alone. He is just getting ready to take the quantum leap. Infinite patience is needed.I have heard about Mulla Nasruddin. He went to listen to a great musician, who was just beginning.In the beginning in Indian music, you do aalap. Aalap means he tries to refine all the basic sounds. So he goes on, “Ah-h-h, ah-h-h.” That is, he is refining the sound “ah.” Hence, it is called aalap. He will refine all the sounds; it takes time. And when he is satisfied that now he is ready, then the music begins. But it takes thirty or forty minutes for him.And as he started his aalap, “Ah-h-h, ah-h-h, ah-h,” Mulla Nasruddin started cryng. Tears were in his eyes.His friend who had brought him said, “Nasruddin, I never thought that you were such a lover of music. It is just aalap and you are full of tears.”He said, “You don’t understand. This man is going to die. It is not aalap; this is what happened to my goat! ‘Ah-h-h, ah-h-h, ah-h-h.’ And she died in the middle of the night! You do something to prevent this man.”If music brings death, it is better to prevent him. This is not music. I know perfectly well. It has happened in my own house. I have lost one of my best goats.” But when the musician comes and takes the jump into the world of sound and soundlessness… Music consists of both sound and soundlessness; the better the music, the more it will be full of soundlessness; the better the music, the more the sound simply leads you into silence. That is the criterion of authentic music, that it leads you into silence.DYNAMIC MEDITATION HELPS TO CLEAR MADNESSYour music… Stop it, and start Dynamic Meditation. That is your music. Why unnecessarily beat the drum? The poor drum has done no harm, no harm to anybody.And do the Dynamic Meditation as madly as you can. In fact, the more madly you do it the better, because you will be throwing out all rubbish and you will come out of it clean, just as if you have come from a shower.And you feel that now there is nothing to throw out and your Dynamic Meditation has become silent — even if you want, nothing comes out — then take the drum again. That will be an existential experience. Then you can play the drum, and it will not be madness; it will be music.But first, be ready for music.Music does not come from the drum; music comes from you. The drum only reflects it. Music is just a mirror. If you are mad, the madman is reflected. If you are enlightened, then the enlightened man is reflected.It is good that you have an interest in music, but first please be sane. And don’t feel guilty that you are not sane. This whole world that we have created is insane, and they all are throwing their insanity in worse ways than you are doing.You are at least beating the drum, which is dead anyway. They are beating living people. They are raping living women. They are murdering, they are doing all kinds of crimes around the world. And in spite of all the police, all the courts, all the magistrates, all the laws, the crime goes on growing. It has become almost a way of life for millions of people.So don’t feel bad. In fact, beating a drum is far better than killing a man. But when music can come out of the drum… Just a little preparation is needed. And this is the place of meditation. Meditate a little more, and wait for the right moment when you feel that there is music inside you and you would like to share it with your friends.BELOVED MASTER,I AM A MUSICIAN AND I HAVE COME ACROSS MANY MUSIC TEACHERS OVER THE YEARS. BUT NOW IT SEEMS THAT I HAVE NOT ONLY FOUND A MASTER BUT ALSO THE ULTIMATE MUSIC TEACHER. IS IT PERHAPS THE SAME THING? AND COULD YOU PLEASE SAY SOMETHING TO US ABOUT MUSIC AND MEDITATION?Harisharan, music comes closest to meditation. Music is a way towards meditation and the most beautiful way. Meditation is the art of hearing the soundless sound, the art of hearing the music of silence — what the Zen people call the sound of one hand clapping. When you are utterly silent, not a single thought passes your mind, there is not even a ripple of any feeling in your heart. Then you start, for the first time, hearing silence.Silence has a music of its own. It is not dead, it is very much alive, it is tremendously alive. In fact, nothing is more alive than silence.Music helps you from the outside to fall in tune with the inner. Music is a device; it was invented by the buddhas. All that is beautiful in the world, all that is valuable in the world has always been discovered by the buddhas. Only they can discover because they have traveled the inner country, the inner, immeasurable universe. Whatsoever they have found in the inner world, whatsoever they have experienced in the inner world, they have tried to make something similar on the outside for those who can only understand that which is objective, who are not yet able to enter the interiority of their own being, who are not yet even aware that there is an inner world. Devices can be created on the outside which can help.Listening to great music you suddenly become silent — with no effort. Falling in tune with the music you lose your ego with no effort. You become relaxed, you fall into a deep rest. You are alert, awake, and yet in a subtle way drunk.Once it happened:A great musician came to the court of a king. The musician must have been an awakened master, must have been a buddha. He said to the king, “I will play on my instruments, but you will have to fulfill one of my conditions. Unless this condition is fulfilled I cannot play.”The king said, “Whatsoever the condition is, it will be fulfilled. You say it.” He had never thought what the condition could be: “Maybe he will ask for much money — that can be given easily — or for some other favor which can be given easily.” The king had been waiting a long time for this man.But the condition was very eccentric. The condition was: “While I am playing nobody should move his head. If anybody moves his head, his head has to be cut off. So the audience has to be informed beforehand that people should come knowing that they are playing with fire. If they start moving their heads in tune with the music, then they will lose their heads — make it clear to everyone who comes. And surrounding the audience let at least one thousand soldiers stand with naked swords so everybody remains aware and never forgets.”The king was so interested in hearing the musician — he had heard about him for years and he was not ready to lose this opportunity even at this cost. Of course, whatsoever he was demanding was simply insane, but the king had to agree. He said, “Okay, your condition will be fulfilled.”The whole capital was informed. Thousands of people would have come, but now they were afraid — only one thousand people came to listen to the musician. Even seeing one thousand people come, the king was surprised: “So many lovers who are risking their lives!” And one thousand soldiers were standing with naked swords. Again it was declared, “You have to remember and go on looking at the swords — they are standing for you. Nobody can escape.” And there were people standing who would take notes — whoever shook his head, moved his head, would not reach home alive.The musician started playing, and he was such a master! After only a few minutes, a few heads started moving in tune with the master’s music. The king was very much afraid. He saw heads moving, swaying — people were getting drunk. He himself was afraid for his own head! But a tremendous desire arose in him too, he could not resist it. He himself started moving his head, he forgot all about it. What to say about the audience? The people who were standing with naked swords, many of them started moving their heads and their swords were swaying!The queen was very much worried. She saw that there were going to be hundreds of people unnecessarily murdered. But sooner or later almost everybody was drunk with his music.When he finished in the middle of the night, the people who had to report, they reported that “Not a single soul has remained without swaying, and we are sorry to say that we are also on the list!”The king said, “Now, Master, what do you want? — all these people butchered, murdered? I am also on the list, my wife is also on the list, my whole court is on the list!”The master laughed and he said, “I was waiting for these people. These are the right people for whom I can play. Forget all about the condition! It was just a strategy to prevent those who were not ready to risk their lives, it was to prevent the cowards. These are the people for whom I will play. And not only today — I am going to stay in this town for months together because these are MY people. They have forgotten about their lives, or even if they had remembered they could not resist. The joy was so tremendous that they were ready to go, even with the risk; they were perfectly aware. These are the people for whom I exist because these are the people who can be turned inwards. They were fully aware and yet drunk.”And that is the whole secret of meditation. The paradox disappears — the paradox between drunkenness and awareness. And its first experience can happen in music more easily than in any other place, than in anything else. Music, dance… all these are devices, discovered by great awakened masters. They have fallen into wrong hands.To be a teacher of music is one thing — he can teach you the technique. I am not a teacher of music — I cannot teach you the technique — but I can help you to listen to the inner music, and that is real music.In China they have the saying: “When the musician becomes perfect he throws away his instruments” — because they are no more needed. He can close his eyes, he can turn himself inwards and he can listen to the music that is already there and always there. And when the archer becomes perfect he throws away his bow and his arrows; there is no need for them.Whenever any art is perfect it ends in meditation — it HAS to end in meditation. If it is not leading you towards meditation then something has gone wrong.That’s why much of the modern art is not art, it is insanity. Much modern music is not music; it simply makes you sexually excited. It is just the opposite of real music. Real music helps you to transcend your biology, your physiology, your psychology. Real music takes you to the world of the beyond — what Buddha calls the farther shore, even beyond the beyond.Real music helps you to transcend your biology, your physiology, your psychology.Real music takes you to the world of the beyondGurdjieff used to call real art “objective art.” Modern art is not, in that sense, objective art. In the past the awakened masters have used all kinds of devices: painting, sculpture, music, dance, drama. Every kind of device has been used to help you, because there are different types of people who can be helped in different ways: somebody through music, somebody through painting, somebody through poetry.And that’s my function here: to create a buddhafield, a commune where all kinds of devices are used. But the purpose is one, the purpose is single, one-pointed. All these paths are leading you to the same goal — to your own inner being.Harisharan, you have come to the right place. I am not a teacher of music because I don’t teach you the technique of music, but I am certainly the master of the inner music. I have heard it and I can help you to hear it — not only to hear it but to be it.And to be it is to be for the first time. To be it is to be reborn. To be it is to know what bliss is and benediction is.The Dhammapada: The Way of the Buddha, Vol 12Chapter #4Chapter title: Music comes closest24 April 1980 am in Buddha Hall- Q2For more OSHO Quotes.Kindly visit :

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