Free Income Tax Filing: An Essential Guide

Tax season can be a daunting time for many, and often, it brings additional costs. However, you can mitigate these expenses with free income tax filing options. If you qualify, free tax filing can help reduce the burden on your pocket, time, and stress levels. This article will explore the advantages and conditions of free income tax filing, along with providing an understanding of, what is a trust grantor, and how this may impact your income tax return.

What is Free Income Tax Filing?

Free income tax filing is a service offered by various tax preparation and software companies approved by the IRS. These services help taxpayers to e-file their income tax returns free of charge. They guide the user step-by-step through tax preparation, which includes completing, checking, and filing income tax returns. It is worth noting that to qualify for free tax filing, the individual must meet certain IRS guidelines, typically based on income, age, state, and military status.

Why Go for Free Income Tax Filing?

The most obvious reason to go for free income tax filing is that it is free! Apart from the cost savings, using free filing services allows you to quickly complete and file your tax forms at home or wherever you have internet access. These services often have user-friendly interfaces with clear instructions designed to help you maximize your deductions. They also ensure that your return is sent following e-file standards, quickening the return processing time and getting your refund in your pocket faster.

The Role of a Trust Grantor in Tax Returns

When it comes to filing income tax return, understanding various financial concepts becomes imperative. One of these concepts is a ‘trust grantor’. Now, you may be wondering, what is a trust grantor? A trust grantor, also known as settlor or trustor, is a person who creates a trust. The grantor transfers their property to a trust, contributing to its assets for the benefit of the designated beneficiaries.

The trust grantor’s role becomes significant while filing income tax returns if the trust is considered a ‘grantor trust’. The designation will hinge on the specific terms of the trust agreement. In a grantor trust, the grantor retains certain control over the trust assets or income. As a result, the IRS holds the grantor responsible for the income taxes associated with the trust’s income instead of the trust itself or beneficiaries. Therefore, a grantor’s income tax return may be affected by the tax obligations related to the grantor trust, which are not deductible by the trust.

Where Can You File Free Income Tax Returns?

There are several platforms where you can file your income tax return for free. The IRS offers “Free File”, a program for people with an adjusted gross income of $72,000 or less. Through this program, the IRS partners up with several tax preparation companies that offer free filing services to eligible taxpayers. Also, many online tax preparation software like TurboTax, TaxAct, and H&R Block provide free tax filing options for simple tax returns.


Free income tax filing is an excellent method of saving money and reducing stress during the tax season. However, understanding the nuances of your tax situation, such as knowing what is a trust grantor, is crucial to taking full advantage of these services. Always ensure to vet your tax filing options thoroughly to get the best out of your filing experience and to ensure accuracy in your tax returns.

What Is The Difference Between An Absolute And A Limited Divorce?


In the state of Maryland petitioners must review the different types of divorce before filing. In the state, there are two primary forms of divorce. They are absolute and limited divorce. While the proceedings are similar, the divorces are completely different.

What is an Absolute Divorce?

An absolute divorce is the dissolution of the marriage. In these proceedings, the couple determines what party acquires child custody and how their property is divided. With child custody, the parties have the option to choose sole or joint custody. With property division, all property that is owned jointly offers both parties with an interest. The court could rule that both parties can continue to use the property, or that it is necessary to sell it.

As the court assigns ownership of marital property, the current financial state of each party is evaluated. If a spouse cannot earn an income that allows them to maintain the same lifestyle as they had during the marriage, he or she may receive a higher award. However, under these circumstances, the court may also award alimony payments to assist them until they can complete a college program or find more suitable employment. To discuss an absolute divorce contact a Family Lawyer Timonium MD today.

Reviewing a Limited Divorce

A limited divorce is essentially a legal separation. The parties remain married and live separately. Couples who seek a limited divorce may not possess the ground required under Maryland law to acquire an absolute divorce. They could also face difficulties in their marriage in which they aren’t able to dissolve. During the limited divorce, the couple maintains the same rights as they would prior to these proceedings. This form of divorce helps them to determine if they want to end the marriage completely.

Couples facing difficulties that they can’t settle on their own should consider the benefits of both forms of divorce available in Maryland. They allow these couples to seek an amicable solution to their issues without further issues. To acquire information about these proceedings hire a Family Lawyer Timonium MD by contacting Maria Caruso or Click here for more information.

Maintenance And Roof Repair In Los Angeles

byAlma Abell

Roof repairs can catch you off guard and get expensive very quickly. A roof maintenance program is designed to let you know what the condition of your roof is and help avoid surprises. There are many things that adversely affect your roof, such as weather, poor design, neglect, clogged grains and defective flashings, among others. Maintenance programs usually include inspections and cleaning of roof, gutters and drains. Support blocks, wall flashings and open seams will be checked for any problems. Maintaining and repairing skylights, exposed wood components and vents may also included. Roof Repair in Los Angeles, is less expensive when done at the first signs of an issue.

Advantages of a maintenance plan are that you are informed of the overall condition of your roof, costly surprises can be avoided, and it can give you time to save and budget money before major repairs are needed. Longevity of your roof and preventing interior damage and health related hazards are also advantages. Many Residential Roofing company offer some sort of maintenance program, plan or service. It makes sense to participate in routine maintenance in the long run.

Should you need Roof Repair Companies in Los Angeles, you want a company that can repair many different types of roofs. There are shingle roofs, Spanish style roofs, slate, foam and hot tar built-up roofing systems, just to name a few. The most common repair is leaks in various spots on the roof. Find experts in plotting and pinpointing leaks, as this will ensure that the job is completed fully and correctly.

While getting roof repairs, consider adding energy efficient components like solar power panels, “cool roof” spray coating, and green roof systems. Federal tax credit and savings on heating and cooling costs will have the roof investments paying for themselves shortly. Roof Repair in Los Angeles can be expensive, but don’t have to be with proper maintenance. Check the area for companies and contractors that offer solid maintenance services. Ask what the services or plans include, and what the cost will be for specific plan services. Get yourself a plan that you can afford and feel comfortable with to protect your home and family.