Varieties And Benefits Of Unique Restroom Signs

By Eliz Guide

If you have traveled, you have no doubt run into some rather unique restroom signs. From the one on the door directing you to the restroom, to others that you may encounter once you are inside, you have surely seen many variations along the way.

You may see the men’s rooms with labels such as Guys, His, Men, Boys and an assortment of other types of placards. Unique restroom signs for women’s facilities are Gals, Hers, Ladies and Girls.

Sometimes bathrooms are equipped with ADA signage which shows only the universal pictogram for male or female. This is a very good way to make sure that everyone, even those who may not speak the language of the country they are in, can find the appropriate facility. It is also very helpful for those who are handicapped because they are also equipped with the brail definition of male and female respectively.

Other unique restroom signs are those that designate a family bathroom. These areas are usually reserved for families who need to assist a family member or child, and they are usually unisex so that there is no restriction on a daughter assisting a father or a mother assisting a son.


Inside a washroom you may see other unique restroom signs directing you to the handicapped stall, directions for use of hand dryers and reminders to employees to wash their hands before returning to work. Other types that you may encounter in a bathroom would be those asking you to report an unsanitary environment to management or contact information in case of an emergency.

You may also see some that offer advertisements of local eateries or hotels. Some businesses are trying to do their part to erase their carbon footprint by posting notices asking that you please switch off the lights upon exiting the restroom.

You may also see unique restrooms signs if there are problems such as a wet floor or a difficulty such as a commode that doesn’t flush correctly. You may also see some in a facility directing you to a baby changing station complete with instructions on how to use the station, and proper disposal of any products that you may need to throw away.

Some washrooms are equipped with information directing you of who to contact if you need assistance. This is important for elderly or wheelchair bound patrons who may be in need of a little help but are by themselves.

Some facilities are equipped with a placard that gives the local emergency numbers to fire, police, sheriff and highway patrol, as well as emergency care numbers for emergency squads and hospitals. These are extremely helpful to the traveler who would not immediately know these numbers, or even what county of the state they are in.

Some bathrooms have community bulletin boards where people can place their own advertisements for various products and services in the area. While others go the distance by placing information about hotlines such as child abuse phone numbers, battered spouse hotlines and teenage runaway hotlines.

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Email Marketing An Economical And Simplest Form Of Internet Marketing

Email Marketing- An Economical And Simplest Form of Internet Marketing



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Why Law Enforcement Boots Need To Do More


When the time comes for you to ensure your feet are well protected for the job at hand, what do you focus on? Most often, police officers and others in the industry put a lot of time into choosing boots that look good and feel good. However, the best law enforcement boots go further and provide far more protection for your feet. Take a closer look at your feet – what do they need to ensure you can continue to do your job?

Protection for Your Feet

View your law enforcement boots as a type of protection for your feet. That is, they should be durable and designed to protect your feet from heat, moisture, and any type of item you can step on. You also need to consider versions that can help to secure your feet in terms of items falling on them. Your job may require you to climb, lift, and even enter into dangerous situations where your feet are exposed. The right boots minimize any risk to you.

Look for a Specialized Brand

When choosing boots for your feet, then, quality matters most. It is critical for you to choose a pair of boots designed to make your feet comfortable and supportive because you do work a lot of hours on them. You also want a brand designed with the type of work you do in mind. This means they need to be durable and long lasting even in tough situations.

When you take steps like this, you ensure you always get the type of outcome you want when you are on the job. Invest wisely in law enforcement boots. Choose those designed to meet your worst environment and still capable of providing you with exceptional comfort along the way.