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Liposuction has been the single most defining cosmetic surgery technique evolution in the history of cosmetic surgery. Since its introduction in the USA over 40 years ago, Liposuction has been constantly rising in popularity across the globe and today it stands as the most popular cosmetic surgery in the United States as well as across the world with India following the United States in popularity stakes.

The phenomenal success of Liposuction is attributed to its ability to not only treat but very effectively too stubborn fatty deposits from traditional trouble spots on the body, such as the abdomen, waist, thighs, hips, upper arms and neck. Also called as Body Contouring, Liposuction removes pockets of fat cells through a stainless steel suction tube. Advanced Techniques like Tumescent, Superwet, Ultrasonic Liposuction, Power-assisted Liposuction and above all, Laser-assisted Liposuction, have been hugely successful in breaking up large volumes of fat and later removing them with less blood in a smooth and safe manner.

Liposuction in India

& Hyderabad has caught in a big way thanks to the presence of several world class cosmetic clinics offering world class cosmetic surgeries. This allied with reasonable costs of Liposuction in India and Hyderabad has encouraged many people to opt for Liposuction and ensure excess fat removal helping put their bodies in the right shape. One of the most prominent players in Hyderabad that has achieved proficiency in Liposuction is Ambrosia Clinic, located in the serene environs of the plush Banjara Hills. Ambrosia Clinic is fully accredited with world class treatment facilities which are second to none, supplemented by a pool of some of the best Liposuction surgeons in India and qualified anesthesiologists, demonstrating Ambrosia s commitment to providing a quality patient experience.


The costs of Liposuction play a critical role in enticing people to go for Lipo. A few years ago, exorbitant fees were charged by cosmetic clinics, but today Liposuction prices are much more reasonable making it affordable to many people. At Ambrosia , Liposuction Costs include surgeon s fees and package s fees comprising of facility fees, equipment usage fees, cost of compression garments and other supplies used after the surgery. However, Liposuction costs eventually vary from patient to patient depending on the area and number of body areas where you want liposuction, the specific lipo procedure used, and the amount of fatty tissue to be removed from the located areas.

Suppose a patient goes for multiple areas of liposuction treatment then the Costs of Liposuction surgical treatment will be more. Where a patient undergoes just liposuction of the arms, then they will less than say what Liposuction prices will be in case of liposuction of the thigh. Another factor that influences Liposuction Prices is treatment period, that is, whether it s a single day or separate occasions over a period of several days or months. In a nutshell, Liposuction Costs anywhere between Rs 40,000 and Rs 2 lakh depending upon the suction area, amount of fat to be removed and the nature of the procedure that is to be performed.

If you re seeking out Liposuction treatment to get rid of excess fat, then seek out Ambrosia Clinic for it offers the highest standard of treatment and care by skilled Liposuction surgeons India, well-versed in understanding a patient s problem and needs. If you re keen to understand Ambrosia Clinic better, log into


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